Sunday Song 4-10-16

Good morning everyone! I’m still relaxing in bed so I included a couple of relaxing songs from the British band Zero 7. If you’re a House and/or Sex and the City fan, you might remember hearing In the Waiting Line on a couple of episodes. The song made its debut in 2001.

Destiny also debuted in 2001. British singer and songwriter Sophie Baker sang and wrote In the Waiting Line and Destiny. Australian singer and songwriter Sia Furler a.k.a. Sia also sings in Destiny. Sia has become a worldwide sensation. According to Wikipedia, she’s collaborated with several musicians and entertainers like David Guetta, Beck, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, Willow Smith, Eminem and others. Destiny has been featured on the following movies and TV shows: Blue Crush, Obsessed, Raising Helen, Roswell and Smallville. Lacoste also used the song on their official web site. Sky Movies Advertising used the song to promote the Star Wars saga in the U.K. Have you heard these songs before? What do you think of them? Have a great Sunday, everyone!         


  1. Now that sound like a have a good taste in drinks I have not had one of those in years I mean years….Well I want you to enjoy yourself you deserve it gurl….
    So far this weekend well I have not done much at all…I told myself that I am not doing any paper work or bills nothing that I do m-f here at home lol..I have my useless magazines I get every month that I like to read they are relaxing to me lol and I love to be on here as much as I can…
    I am glad that you are resting and taking time for yourself and enjoying that drink or two for yourself ….that is very important thing I have a hard time doing ..time for myself…

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  2. Hey Lisa dear!!!
    Please get some rest if you can.. your body needs that to heal..How are you hanging in there?? If I could help I would…Yes he is a great guy I am lucky to have him.. I am blessed..and thank you..
    Yes I love the music since it does bring back good memories for me and it is fun to hear it rather I find it in the morning or night…
    Yes I have lived here since around 2001 I think don’t hold it against me if I am wrong lolol…Yes you have a friend here in Texas gurl…as always look forward from hearing from you and your songs..
    Huggs to you
    And let me know how you are doing please…

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  3. Hi Suzette! I’m hanging in there too. It’s been rough after this car accident! I’m tired of asking for rides all the time! Your husband sounds like an interesting and nice person! The animal rescuers event sounds interesting! I’m glad some of the music I pick brings back good memories for you. Ah…a fellow Texan! I’m glad to have met you here too! My new friend in Texas! 😀 Take care my amiga! I’ll have a song or two for you Friday-Monday. Hugs!

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  4. Hey Lisa!!!…
    Imma hanging there thank you…How about you gurl???
    I think you should still play around with the piano I bet you would get back in to the swing of it and I am sure that you would remember it would come back to you and now you would not have to practice lol…
    Yes he is pretty talented I am proud of him … They do a lot of free playing for benefits for others to raise money and I love that and when I am able to go and dad too we always have a good time .. This last gig was a fundraiser for the animal rescuers (small group of people) we work with them and rescue animals usually they pull the ones that are out of time.. : ( we are full at this time lol we love all the dogs we have even our own so it seems like more work but worth it..The best point was people made some crafts and bags filled with goodies things like that and best of all raised a lot of money for the group to get the ones that need medical attention or anything ..She gave us a big bag of dog food so that helped and a cool t-shirt…anyways that is just a little of what we do and he does most of the work….
    Oh I am glad that I am not the only one that feels like that towards todays musik yes same here and there that I like as well….maybe I am just getting older lol they say when you don’t know the new musik then you are getting old hahaha so not true.. were not getting old we just like GOOD musik RIGHT GURL… ; ) Nope me neither about the rap of todays world… older rap yup…
    But again I love your musik selections some bring back great memories for me…
    I hope this Wednesday is treating you well and all is going great in your world…
    Oh wow gurl nope I am in Texas lol but thank you so much that is a big compliment I also feel like we have known each other for longer than this as well…connections are going around I felt that way with your friend that you introduced me to as well just sometimes we feel it and you can’t deny it , it’s a strong gut feeling on you and her as well…I have a total of about 3 that I feel like we have been friends for all our life and it is crazy but true…Well I am happy to have met you so very much my dear and I hope that we speed soon..again sorry to ramble on…
    Hugggs to you my dear

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  5. Hi Suzette! I hope you’re doing well! Thank you so much for stopping by! I’m so glad I introduced you to a new band! I always enjoy it when that happens! I used to play the piano when I was 9-12. I eventually stopped because I didn’t like practicing. Lol. I was thinking about getting back into to it but I haven’t yet. I’m sure your better half is really talented! I agree with you about today’s music! There’s not too much that I like…only a song here and there. I’ll give you a hint for the song/songs I’m blogging about tomorrow… it’s rap but older rap. Lol. I really don’t like a lot of the new rap from today. Take care, Suzette and keep having a wonderful Sunday! Hugs! ❤ P.S. For some reason you remind me of a good friend of mine named Rose. Are you in Ohio by any chance? Lol.

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  6. Hey you just introduced me into a new group I love this group now lol.. I hope that I am able to remember the name so I can listen to them more…
    Thank you so much gurl…This is why I love when you started this or when people I know like my better half introduce me into new musik … I am a big fan of musik either way you slice it… Most of the time musik has gotten me through many of things.. Now my better half he pretty much can’t be beaten with any kind of game or who sang this or the history on all.. he is very skilled pretty much from the 50″s starting or earlier any kind as well ok maybe not rap lol but I love to pick his brain he also plays in a band the bass player but can play piano and drums he never had any teaching just by ear….Yeah I am jealous that bastard haahaa….
    But we both do not know much on this new music that they play I went through and still at times where I just not into it (the music that is popular today) maybe if I got back into musik ……..Oh I hate auto tune..either you can sing and live or on to the next one… wish they never invented that shitters ….That is just one thing at the top of my head that ruined musik for me…Again thank you I am going to listen to them again… : )
    Huggs to you my dear one… hope you are feeling ok on this Sunday..

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  7. I saw a YouTube video of them performing ‘Destiny’ live somewhere in Europe. Used to have ‘Likufanele’ on heavy repeat in my MP3 player almost a decade ago 🙂

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  8. Yea it is! I heard them on an episode of House first. I’m obsessed with that show still. Lol. Then not too long after I heard the song on a rerun of Sex and the City. I started to like them more when I heard more of their songs on Pandora. Thanks for checking it out! 🙂

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  9. Zero 7 is great chillout music. The first time I heard their music, I was on a sailboat. It was perfect! Jose Gonzalez has collaborated with them too. Good stuff. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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