Review: Santana IV, aka They Got The Band Back Together

Great review on Santana’s latest album! He’s one of my favorite musicians! Check out the review and/or Tracy’s blog if you haven’t already. Feel free to leave comments on Tracy’s blog.

A Joyful Process

On a whim, I pre-ordered Santana’s new album Santana IV, about a week before its release this past Friday, having heard next to nothing about it. I was curious about the album title, for sure; considering that Santana III had come out about forty-five years ago. Well, as I would soon discover, they brought back just about everyone they could from that band that made that album. And I am here to say, after all this time, it’s as if they had never stopped playing together.

This is an album that a fan of the old Santana can get behind. I know I often make the same point that some of the more recent Santana albums, beginning with the Grammy-winning Supernatural, made it seem as if Carlos Santana was a sideman behind guest vocalists. The albums just had the name on them; they didn’t really sound like the…

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