Sunday Song 4-17-16

Hello everyone and happy Sunday! I hope you’re enjoying your day! I’ve always thought this song and video are extremely relaxing. Even though the song was released in 1988, I heard the song for the first time in the movie, Finding Forrester starring Sean Connery in 2000. My parents bought me the DVD for Christmas one year. My mom or ‘Santa’ thought I would enjoy the movie because it’s about a writer. She was right, I enjoyed the movie very much.
The song appears on several other movies and TV shows such as Meet Joe Black, 50 First Dates, Son of the Mask, ER and Scrubs. Mr. Israel KamakawiwoΚ»ole unfortunately passed away from a heart attack in 1997.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone! I’ll be back with more posts and music. Since the Coachella music fest is going on, I’m going to include some songs from some of the artists tomorrow.


  1. You just made me feel really loved and so welcome to be here on wp and in life ..I am finding out being on here that it is more like family that has gone through similar things in life and as we share and open up we become more open and understanding of ones problems or illnesses ….Well I am so happy that I know you hurt and pain and all but glad to have you here as well ..I always say things happen for a reason we may not understand or know the reason but there is one…Tears are ok in my book too….I wish you a speedy recovery gurl but make sure you take the time needed and not rush would just hurt yourself in doing so…
    Thank you again Lisa a very happy Sunday and love to you as well…
    huggs n love and prayers for you taking it easy and listen to your body..


  2. Aww Suzette! It’s not corny at all! The song has made me cry from time to time too. To be honest, your comment is making me tear up. I’m so glad you’re still here with us. There’s been times when I didn’t think I was going to make it either. For example, the accident I was just in almost three weeks ago. Happy Sunday to you, Suzette! Hugs and much love to you ❀

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  3. Ok it might sound corny but I love this song and it brought tears to my eyes……….In a good way though… When I was really sick and the Dr didn’t think that I would make it…(been a few times in my life) My mother who has passed now bought me a card that played musik and this was the song that it played sounds like same one too…So I haven’t heard this in years I still have the card and it still plays but since being over here at dads home I have not heard it until today…………..Happy tears……………………..
    Thank you gurl this one really touched my heart …and what better timing …
    Huggggs to you gurl

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  4. Hello Lisa – the pleasure was all mine. I haven’t heard this version before which is a combination. It is such an upbeat beautiful version and it was so great to wake up to. So I just had to share the love. Have yourself a fine day !. Best. Chevvy 🌹

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  5. Hi there! Thank you for your comment! I’m glad someone actually remembers the movie! I’ve asked people if they’ve seen it and they say no and ask me about it. I’m also glad you stuck with writing. Writing will always be there for you at your best and worst times in life. Have a great Sunday and week ahead! Stop by here anytime!


  6. Finding Forrester is one of my all time favorite movies. I was introduced to it by a former boyfriend. He was a brilliant writer, and I was just starting to write. The movie touches me in a way that no other movie has. The song has stuck with me, as has my fondness for what it represents in the movie. Thank you for posting this, as it took me back to an amazing time in my life!

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