Wednesday Song 4-20-16

Hi everyone and Happy 4/20 (to those who celebrate). If you don’t celebrate, happy Wednesday! Today I’m featuring a band from last year’s Coachella Festival. They didn’t headline any of the shows there but…I think they’re an important band for several reasons. They mixed several different types of music together. Even though I didn’t grow up in the 70’s, several of their songs bring back lots of childhood memories. I know a lot of their songs are about drugs and affairs but their songs are still classic and timeless. If it weren’t for my parents, I probably wouldn’t have  listened to their music. Just kidding, I would’ve found a way.

Steely Dan songs remind me of the times my parents took me and my sister on vacations in the car. My parents took us on trips around Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. We got to visit cities and places like Carlsbad Caverns, Albuquerque, White Sands Missile Range, Santa Fe, Taos, Ruidoso, Austin, San Antonio and Phoenix. I remember being annoyed whenever my parents started playing Steely Dan for hours during those road trips. I also remember them playing their music whenever we had family get togethers and backyard barbecues. 

Like I said before, who would’ve thought I’d be listening to Steely Dan on a weekday at 34 going on 35 years old? I dedicate this post to my parents for introducing me to Steely Dan and several other bands I haven’t blogged about yet. I no longer consider Steely Dan a guilty pleasure. Here’s a few of my favorite Steely Dan songs. Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

Hey 19







  1. They’re great! My parents listened to them all the time for every occasion except Christmas. I like your favs too! Thanks for checking it out! I’m planning on doing some posts on bands my parents introduced me to this week or for sure in May.

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  2. Wow that’s really interesting! I work at a newspaper and did freelance writing for years. Did you get to meet a lot of musicians?


  3. Good idea – some of the best artists I know are from influences by my parents and (deceased) ex-husband…but, working at a radio station and MTV were major influences for me as well! Music is life, for me.

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  4. Ha ha ha! I love the name! I didn’t want to mention it though. I’m still surprised they played at Coachella. I think I’m going to do some posts called bands my parents introduced me to.

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  5. Hahaha! I hear ya! 😃
    It’s a great album in general. I think it was a Grammy nominee? Not sure. He had a great album out a year or two ago too. The name escapes me though…the memory be fading. 😏

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  6. Philadelphia PA in the early 2000’s/late 1990’s – I have to ask my brother what year exactly (he and I went together!) It was great. We sat on the grass. The venue had grass seating (spread out a blanket or bring lawn chairs). It might have been at the Robin Hood Dell West. It was just so cool to see them still rocking and doing their thing – love their sound so much!

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  7. Oh yes! That’s a good song too. I read one of them had stage fright (I think it was Walter Becker) so that’s why they wouldn’t perform live that often. Where and when did you see them? What was that like?


  8. The later ones, like “Peg” and “Hey Nineteen” I did hear on the radio. The early songs, I went back and discovered after I knew who they were. I am glad you did include the ones you chose, especially the two I mentioned above and “Babylon Sisters.” But I like all of them!

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  9. Would you hear them on the radio? I kind of had a hard time picking songs too. I was eventually able to somewhat narrow it down. Thanks for checking it out, Tracy!

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  10. A lot of these songs I heard them before I knew who was singing them. I love your choices; if it had been me I would’ve had a hard time picking songs, because I like so many of theirs. Love the story of your parents introducing you to the band, and now you like their music. Now it occupies a familiar place in your memories.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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