Saint Jude


Hi everyone! In the past, I haven’t been that religious. It doesn’t mean I don’t believe or have faith in God or Jesus Christ because I do and I always will. Lately, there’s been days when I feel sad for no reason. To be honest, listening to a lot of music helps brighten my day. The love and support I have here and from my loved ones is very much appreciated. I think the sadness has a lot to do with work and the car accident I was in three weeks ago. I try not to think about it too much but I can’t help it sometimes. I know things will eventually get better. I’m trying to make that happen everyday. I feel somewhat disappointed things aren’t going the way I want them to go at work and other areas in my life.

Since 80 percent of El Paso’s population is Catholic, several of my friends and customers tell me to pray to St. Jude because he helps those who want to prosper in life. According to the National Shrine of St. Jude web site, St. Jude is the patron saint of hope and impossible causes. He was one of Jesus’ original 12 Apostles. If you’re interested in more of his story, you can read about it here.A former co-worker says she prayed to him constantly for weeks when things weren’t going right for her. She eventually left the company I work for to pursue the career of her dreams. Another co-worker told me her husband constantly prayed to St. Jude for blessings.

Like I said in a post on Tuesday, I’m already grateful for what I have. I would just like more of a push in the right direction. Those who pray to St. Jude sometimes pray a Novena to St. Jude for nine days. I’m including the prayer below in case anyone is interested in reading and/or participating in it. I’m sure these prayers can be said whether or not you’re Catholic. The National Shrine of St. Jude web site says your prayer can be as simple as “St. Jude, pray for us” or “Thank you St. Jude.” Here is a longer prayer to St. Jude below:


Most holy apostle, St. Jude, faithful servant
and friend of Jesus, the Church honors and
invokes you universally as the patron of hope.
Please intercede on my behalf. Make use of that
particular privilege given to you to bring
hope, comfort, and help where they are needed most.
Come to my assistance in this great
need that I may receive the consolation
and help of heaven as I work with my
challenges, particularly (make your request here)
I praise God with you and all the saints forever.
I promise, blessed St. Jude, to be ever
mindful of this great favor, to always
honor you as my special and powerful patron
and to gratefully encourage devotion to you. Amen.

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  1. I feel he is stuck at this time and does not see himself going faster! Each time it gets harder and he feels like he won’t do it! I am not a runner, so not sure what else to say. He trains everyday with his coaches but I do feel it’s that he is stuck and not in that mind set!!!!Thanks!


  2. Thank you so much for your kind words. I know what you mean about being pressured to pray. Praying has to come from the heart, not when someone tells you to do it.

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  3. Sorry to hear that you have been feeling sad lately and that you are disappointed about the way some thing are going for you. Believe me , feeling like this is normal and so many people feel like this, but a lot are not brave enough to come out and say they feel sad or down.
    I don’t see any harm in praying to St Jude or whichever saint or God you want to if you derive comfort from this and if it helps to motivate you or overcome situations. I am a Scottish Presbyterian with Church of Scotland ( Protestant), however even though I do believe, I don’t go to church every Sunday and I don’t pray to god or any saints, as personally I don’t always feel that this helps and when I have been told by people to pray and that god will help I feel almost pressurized to do so and uncomfortable about the level of enthusiasm ( can’t think of the right word) that its placed on this. Praying should be on your own terms and if you feel that it will make you feel better.

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  4. Sending Texas size prayers your way Lisa…
    I pray for you with the above prayer to st Jude and a private one between God and I ….
    My father was raised very strict Catholic upbringing he has a sister that is a nun as well.. Dad and I have changed religions and we both agree that with all the corruption in everything and it states in the bible as long as you are talking about God and religion and the bible well then you are at church..Church can be anywhere you want it to be…. So we are not just one religion so to say if that makes sense ??? and we have church here at home or anywhere we start talking about God…
    ISAIAH 46:4
    Hugggs to you my dear friend

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  5. Thank you so much, Tammi! It’s good to meet you! Welcome to my blog! Thank you for coming by! Feel free to do so at anytime! 💖


  6. Sorry you’re feeling sad. I hope you find your passion and motivation soon!

    I, myself, consider myself spiritual and believe in a higher power. When people form religious groups it worries me because of abuse done in God’s name.

    I try to live in kindness (also towards myself!) and appreciate what I have. Which isn’t easy when in continuous poor health. :/
    And to distance myself from toxic people.

    Hugs 🐻 💜

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