Thursday Song 4-21-16

Hi everyone! I can’t believe there’s only ONE more day until Friday! Today I’m including songs from the 2014 Coachella lineup. The year had TONS of bands and musicians I enjoy. It was hard not to pick 20 songs! I decided to narrow it down to a smaller list. OutKast, Muse and Arcade Fighters headlined the show. In the past, I’ve included Pharrell Williams and Jhene Aiko in other posts. I didn’t want to include them in this one. Here are a couple of rap songs from OutKast and Nas, along with songs from other genres of music. Warning: These songs may be inappropriate for work so please listen to them at your own discretion. Here are the songs below. Have a great Thursday, everyone! I’ll be back with more posts for you later!  

The Way you Move…We’re going back to 2003 with this one.

So Fresh, So Clean…This one takes us back to 2001.

If I Ruled the World… I’m taking it back to 1997 here. According to Wikipedia, the song is based on the 1985 hit by Kurtis Blow. Nas and Lauryn Hill’s version was nominated for a Grammy Award.  

I can… I’ve always thought this song was inspirational. Here’s another one from 2003.

Here are a few pop/dance songs that will keep you going today. I’ve heard the first three songs on the radio. I discovered the last one on Pandora. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Taking it way back to 1985 with this one!

This one was played quite a bit on the airwaves!

This one still gets lots of airplay these days!

I’ve always thought this one has an interesting and unique sound!


  1. Hi, I’m writing about every song that ever became a #1 hit, backwards chronologically, in the journey that is the Every Number One blog. I would really appreciate if you took a look around.

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