Saturday Evening Interview 4-23-16

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a good weekend so far! I took a little break from Saturday Evening Interviews but…I’m back! Today I have an interview with Tikeetha Thomas from A Thomas Point of View. Tikeetha blogs about being a single parent, her life and so much more. You can check out her blog here. Please help me welcome Tikeetha here on Life of an El Paso Woman!

ME: I know you’ve been blogging for several years now. What’s kept you blogging for several years? Life. Or the fact that it is free therapy has kept me blogging for several years. I took about a 5 year hiatus where I occasionally blogged (once or twice a year) when I had time. I was a new mother and juggling work and my husband’s diagnosis. At the end of my marriage, I realized I was drowning. So many emotions were being played out and I was literally losing my mind. Therapy and prayer helped me to get through this difficult time. But, blogging was my outlet. It allowed me the opportunity to express myself and just write. Write whatever I wanted whenever I wanted too.

ME: In what way/ways has your blogged changed over the years? I think it’s become more personal and painful. I’ve shared some of my dating realities, issues and dramas with my followers. I offer tips and suggestions. I talk about my parenting wins, fails and frustrations. It really has become a reflection of my life and all the nuances that may occur.

ME: What can readers expect from your blog this year? Do you have any set goals for it?  Great question. I just want to write more. I set about a task of trying to publish posts at least 5 times a week. I’ve been doing more reblogs this year and I really want to highlight interesting bloggers, especially women. We never get enough press or recognition.Readers can expect me to continue to write quality and personal content. My divorce was finalized last month after almost three years and I wrote about that day in court and my being given full custody of our son. Our marriage was painful, but in the end he and I came together for the benefit of our child. That was pretty remarkable considering where we started from. Which was hell.

ME: There’s tons of blogs here in our community! Which types of blogs do you follow and why? LOL! I follow all types of blogs. I follow the big blogs that have thousands of subscribers to those that have less than 10. It is usually through other bloggers recommending or a blogger following me that I discover who they are.I subscribe to poetry blogs, fiction blogs, parenting blogs, mental health blogs, family blogs, adoption blogs, foodie blogs and stylist blogs. I have so many tastes so it is good to get variety. I read about 150 to 200 posts a day. However, I take a break on the weekends for personal/family time so my Mondays through Wednesdays I’m playing catch-up for many blogs. Some people post upwards of 10 times a day. That’s a lot of reading.

ME: What do you think it takes to be a successful blogger and why? I think it takes determination and quality content. There are so many bloggers out there that take the time to develop their content and post multiple times a day. They are looking at increasing their readership by reblogs, meet and greets, sharing posts and writing outside of their blog. That takes time. That takes determination. However, I don’t think you’re any less a successful blogger if you don’t have thousands of bloggers. You are special if you have 10 or 100,000. You just have to enjoy what you do. That’s the key. If it’s not fun then why do it? Everyone wants to be rich and famous some day and some will be. Others will not. Does that mean you’re any less successful? Nope. Be the best you that you can be.

ME: Using one word, how would you describe who you are and why? Determined. Because my entire life has been lived trying to break the barriers and accomplish things in which I can be proud of. I will set my mind to something and make it happen. I’ve got determination.

ME: When you aren’t blogging, what are you doing? Mainly working my job as a full-time healthcare analyst. I also am a mother to a wonderful 7-year-old boy that I adore and right now we’re enjoying the last days of his spring break. When my son is visiting his dad then I spend my days dating this pretty cool guy that I affectionately call Mr. C.

ME: Do you have any regrets in life? If so, what? That I didn’t make my marriage work. I think that was a big regret. I never wanted to raise a child on my own. I was a product of a single parent home so I knew the experiences, expectations and pressures that it can cause on a child. But, I chose me. In choosing me I realized that I was able to be the best mother I could because I put his needs above my own. I think he’s pretty happy. At least he tells me he is and that means more than any regrets that I could ever have.

ME: Who do you look up to in life and why? I would say that I look up to my grandmother. She raised 11 children on her own and although she admittedly made mistakes she kept her family and children together and showed them that working hard yielded results. That is probably why I am my grandma’s baby even at 41. Does that sound weird?

ME: What was one of the best moments of your life? Why? Giving birth to my son. I had a difficult time conceiving and carrying my son. I prayed and prayed that my baby would survive. He was delivered 5 weeks premature, but when I heard him cry I knew everything was going to be okay. He was here. I was his mother and our bond was forever sealed.

ME: What do you like most in life? How about dislikes? Pizza, laughter and the smell of lavender. It’s the little things. I dislike lies, arrogance and classism.

 ME: What kind of music do you listen to? All kinds. Rap, hip-hop, rock, R&B and jazz. I also love gospel music and country. I like good music no matter who sings it.

ME: What’s a favorite quote of yours and why? One quote that I would say that I love is by Shirley Chisholm.  She said, “The emotional, sexual, psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says: It’s a Girl.”  I want to change that. It’s true. Women are constantly underestimated and underrated and in some ways we are falling for that foolishness that by pimping ourselves for likes on Instagram or Facebook. We are so much more than the sum of our bodies. There are so many issues that affect us as a gender that if we really bonded with other women we can begin to tackle some of these issues. Many of us have become too self-absorbed to care.

ME: Is there anything else you would like to add? Yes…just keep moving. No matter what you’re going through understand that you have to go through it to get to it. I know that sometimes in life we get frustrated (hey, I do all the time) but we can’t let our frustrations derail us from our plans or purpose. Joy really does come in the morning.


  1. That was a wonderful interview! Tikeetha is an admirable person in her dedication to her son and herself. In going her way she spreads a lot of encouragement for others to be strong and she shows that it is possible! Wonderful! Compliment to both of you!

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