Saturday Song 4-23-16

Hi everyone! I apologize for being late on today’s song! I’m still mourning the loss of Prince so I’m including another song of his today. I’m still doing Coachella week until tomorrow. I think Prince deserves another post here because he was so influential to many. Today I’m including his live performance from Super Bowl 41 in 2007. I’m also including a tribute rap song called Rest in Purple by The Game. The Game samples When Doves Cry. What do you think? Do you have any favorite performances and/or songs?


  1. Me too! He got mad because they didn’t want to really pay him or other artists for their music online. It makes sense but they’re already millionaires! Some are even billionaires. That’s like saying well I won’t blog because I’m not getting paid 😂 I make a little bit of money on writing/blogging but not lately! I think U2 and Metallica were also pretty upset. Then they were OK as long as people weren’t making money off of their music. I remember when Napster was huge! It was way before YouTube.

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  2. nope I can’t pick favorites on his songs lol.. so many….
    I like all the popular ones of course but I like… money don’t matter 2 me and Gold… so many…

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  3. I really like the beat and lyrics by The Game. Prince had a lot of good songs throughout his 40-year career. My favorite of all is Purple Rain. The guitar is awesome in Purple Rain. I also like Diamonds and Pearls a lot, etc.


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