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Hi everyone! I hope your Sunday was great! Here is the question and answer interview I promised you all recently. Readers, bloggers and friends asked me some questions about my perspective on life, music, etc. I’m going to include them here. Here is a little bit of background information on myself below:

My name is Lisa Amaya a.k.a Life of an El Paso Woman. I was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. I’m 34 years old and a mom to my 10-year-old son, Jacob. My hometown is a border town that’s 45 minutes away from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and Las Cruces, New Mexico. Lately, my blog features lots of music. I also include posts about my hometown, interviews, movie and book reviews, etc. My blog represents my life as a Chicana (Hispanic or Latina) woman. I started Life of an El Paso Woman (I’ll tell you more in the Q&A session) on Feb. 25, 2015. I’ve had SO much fun interacting with my readers from around the world and blogging in general! I’ve been writing stories and poetry since I was 6 years old. I can definitely say writing is in my blood and my true passion in life. I’m a 2004 New Mexico State University graduate. Go Aggies! My bachelor of arts degree is in journalism with a minor in history. I currently work in media sales at the daily newspaper in town. Here are the questions I was asked…

What is the meaning of life to you? Oy30 from Oy30 Blog

This question seems so simple but it has a lot of different meanings and answers for me. Over the years, I’ve learned the meaning of life for me is to truly be happy. It may sound like a cliche but it’s really up to you to find out what makes you happy. I find that writing, music, nice sunny weather and the people (my family, true friends and my readers) who  truly want the same for me are my blessings and meaning for living life.

Is the glass half empty or half full? Ritu from But I Smile Anyway

No matter what’s going on in life, I always see the glass as half full. Things could always be a lot worse than they are. I’m not always happy but if it’s possible, I try to be. Someone somewhere is worse off. Everyday above ground is always a blessing.

I would love to know about your happiest moment, Lisa! Erika Kind from Erika Kind

I have more than one so I’ll tell you about a few. I was happy when I became a mother for the first time on December 13, 2005. I was happy to be one of the first women in my family to graduate from college. I was happy when Andre took me and my son to The Grand Canyon and Disney World for the very first time in our lives. The Grand Canyon is one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world. I wanted to go since I read a book about it when I was 8. I was happy when my first story was published in my college newspaper. I was happy when I became the news editor at my college newspaper.

Say you got an offer for a really cool job in another state, but you’ve been living with Bradley Cooper for two years, you’re deeply in love, and he refuses to leave the state because he wants to be close to his family. Do you give up your dreams for the man you love? Johnna from All Things Chronic

Lol this one makes me laugh! I don’t have Bradley Cooper but I’ve been in a relationship with Andre for three years. We broke up for a couple of months but we are working on our relationship. I honestly believe he is my twin flame in this life and afterwards. For those who are married or in a relationship, you know there are always going to be ups and downs. We’ve both agreed to stay in El Paso for now. A man who really wants to be with me has to understand and realize my dreams, taking care of my son and vice versa on my part. Even though we are very different people with different goals in life, we continue support each other. No, our relationship isn’t perfect at all but it’s improved since we took a two-month break. We realized we missed each other a lot and the love was still there.

I know you are a big Michael Jackson fan, so I have a couple questions for you: What is your favorite Michael Jackson song? (I think I know one that you have great memories about, but not sure if it’s your favorite). Also, your favorite Michael Jackson album? Tracy from A Joyful Process

Ooh it’s so hard to only pick ONE song! My all-time favorite Michael Jackson song and album has and will always be Thriller without a doubt. Some of my favorite MJ songs include: “Human Nature”, “P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing)”, “The Girl is Mine” and “Rock with You.”

Why did you decide to start a blog and where do you hope to go with it? I know you studied journalism and have written a lot in the past. Is there one particular story or interview that will always stick with you (for either good or bad reasons)? Bun Karyudo from Bun Karyudo’s

I was helping my childhood friend, Ryan Loera write in his blog/e-zine for a couple of months last year. Before helping Ryan with his blog, I took a five-year break from writing. I worked at call centers and sales positions because I needed a break from writing. After Ryan’s blog, I decided to start writing again in this blog. I hope to find a full-time writing job and/or more freelance writing gigs. Luckily, I’ve been paid for a few of my blog posts in recent months. I’ve submitted interviews and longer blog pieces for job considerations. I’ve enjoyed interviewing several bands for newspapers and magazines. A couple of my favorite interviews that come to mind were with Larry the Cable Guy, The Goo Goo Dolls, Queensryche, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and underground rappers from El Paso. In college, I was heavily involved with investigative reporting. My favorite story I uncovered in college was when hundreds of students who were living on campus eventually realized their water was contaminated with lead. The university failed to do anything about it until I went and spoke to them and students kept complaining. Another story that caused quite a controversy throughout Las Cruces, New Mexico was when I interviewed an Iraqi woman during the Iraqi war. Several advertisers no longer wanted to pay for ads in the weekly newspaper. The publisher was furious with me and my editor. Several readers complained about the story by writing letters to the editor.

You seem to know so much about songs and musical groups, even from far back in time. Where does your interest and knowledge for music come from? Would you consider a job in the music industry as a reporter or commentator? You also seem to have an interest and knowledge in the world of sports. Where do you attribute this to? Would you consider a job in the world of sports as a reporter or commentator? Karin L. from Germany (An e-mail follower and good friend of mine)
I’ve loved music since I was 3 years old. My favorite musicians at the time were Michael Jackson and Van Halen. I’d beg my uncle to continue playing the albums, Thriller and 1984 on the record player. Throughout the years, I’ve always kept up with music by reading magazines and stories on the Internet. My parents like a variety of bands so I was exposed to their favorite music for years. I played the piano for three years but I hated practicing so I gave up on it. My dream jobs were to write for the New York Times and Rolling Stone Magazine. I have my rejection letter saved somewhere from the New York Times. 😉 I love sports, especially football, basketball, boxing, the summer Olympics and soccer. I read about sports on the Internet almost daily. My parents are avid sports watchers so I picked up the habit from them. I’m not much of a sports writer but I love to watch and attend games from the sports I mentioned. I would rather have a job writing about music, feature stories and/or breaking news. I wouldn’t mind going to investigative reporting either.
How and where do you find all (of the) info. you blog about? How do you go about finding people to interview? How do you get them to talk? You are very well informed! Noemi D. from El Paso, Texas (An e-mail follower and good friend of mine and my family’s).  
I love to read news on the Internet and blogs. I sometimes get ideas from whatever I read. I typically ask bloggers and people in El Paso for interviews. Most are eager to be interviewed here. I’ve asked celebrities for an interview but it’s a little bit harder because of their busy and hectic schedules. Some won’t even respond to my requests because my e-mail probably goes to their spam folder or they aren’t interested. I hope to include more interviews with celebrities in the future.
I am always interested in how much research you do and how you find so many interesting topics?  Felix Chavez, El Paso Times sports reporter and friend
Research for me means constantly reading stories online, along with blogs on a daily basis. Google search is some of the best technology ever created! Some of the topics I write about are from life experiences.


  1. Well I can’t work I am perm disabled but I do a lot here bills for 2 houses and take care of that and rescue dogs things like that ..that was the short answer lololol…
    Sleep sounds good but we hate this bed it is killing us we wake up hurting even more..that is a blog post waiting to happen as well lmao…but the pain gets to be so much so I have to lay down but the bed makes it worse for sure….I have visions that I have a knife and I cut up this fucking bed into little tiny pieces lol ..Not really but I want tooooo…That’s another thing awhile ago we went looking around for furniture more less to just get out of the house and to see prices and ideas but how in the hell can one person tell by laying on one of their beds for oh 5 minutes that it will be the one for you????? this bed that we are laying on is not a cheap mattress at all and it sucks!!!!! I want to say they spent a thousand on it and yeah it’s a lil older now but damn….also they all say 90 days if you don’t like it you can return it some kind of shit but I still don’t understand how to pick one out from laying ther for a few…..
    Seen some high dollar ones that we really like you know the individual ones that go up and down like a hospital bed but so expensive lolol..figures …anyways today was another good day..It started rough as hell but I made it through ….
    Oh you back to work gurl????


  2. Thank you Lisa!!!!!…
    I would love to show it to you and like I said when I find it I will.. Maybe then like you said make a blog post that way I have video of it and if I can find that picture I took and post it as well lol… THANK YOU FOR A GREAT IDEA GURL….
    Yes I agree so much talent and oh how I would probably have died if I caught that hat lol…
    So how is this Tuesday treating you sunshine???

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  3. Oh wow, what a great story Suzette! Sure, I would love to see the link whenever you have a chance to find it. You should write a blog post about this wonderful experience sometime! Nobody will ever be able to replace MJ. He was a one of a kind person and musician. It’s too bad you couldn’t catch that hat! Hugs! I hope you have a great Monday and week ahead!

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  4. yeah I did see him live in Canada I wanted to go so bad but knew my parents didn’t have the money and so I didn’t ask … I guess dad heard about the concert and was listing to the radio and they had a few left so dad went down to the radio station and when he got to the place he stood in line with people in front and one guy behind him ..all for different things..
    Dad got up to the window and said I need one ticket to the Michael Jackson concert it was the Victory Tour and the guy said you just lucked out I only have 1 left…dad got it..the guy behind dad was wanting one to for himself but that was it……
    I took a bus from Vermont to Canada and had the time of my life lol…
    Oh I should have clear that up not in it like an extra or dancer even though I am or was a dancer but there is a video out on youtube that shows the making of what goes on making the stage things like that and hell I can’t remember the song but the show MJ and his brothers but the pan the people and they show me and my reaction to a certain part of what MJ is doing ..
    I will find you the link as soon as I can and send it to you ..if you want me too?? I have no idea why they showed me but I even showed my dad and guy they could not believe it lol they said yup that is Suzette lol.. and you can tell by what I was wearing …I have a screen shot of it too lol…But give me at least this week since it was saved on my old computer that doesn’t work any more so I will have to find it…
    I even got a typed letter from the company asking if I wanted to join his club (when I never sign anything) so it always made me wonder why I got this letter and how.. And how did they know my name and address …
    Like I said huge room was covered in all posters and books and magazines and key chains you name it I had it but I was working with dad at the time do I had my own cash even though I was so young like 13 I believe lol and dad was good to me if he seen something that he knew I didn’t have he would pick it up (if he had the cash if not then I didn’t get it ) I used to dance every night in my room after homework till shower time and bedtime over and over…I even had the soundtrack to E.T the movie since I knew he worked on it lol.. still love that musik.. I may have to buy it lol so pretty all music no words just sooooooo….
    Oh and almost forgot the seat was pretty close and when he threw his hat if I would have moved like I was going to just a chair up I may have caught that hat lol so close but man what a fight for it lol I said someone is gonna get hurt for sure lol…And to this day I still smell the leather from all the leather jackets lol so many memories … more come to me as I think about that amazing time that I had and all because of my dad…
    Huggs to you gurl

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  5. This was a nice way to get to know you gurl… I enjoyed reading all about you..
    btw a huge Michael Jackson fan here.. I was able to see him live and I am in one of his videos woohoo lol..
    as always love learning more about you and hope this continues you are a very interesting person/friend to me…. I agree glass half full ; )

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  6. I answered your other question from before in the post. I would probably ask to do freelance work for them. If they said no, I would get another job around here in writing. Maybe if I didn’t have my son, I’d leave him. My son takes change very hard. I have to love myself first before loving someone else.

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  7. This one is where the interviewer gets interviewed! I liked it…it was great to see you answer the random questions you got. Looks like a great idea for a post…maybe 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

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  8. Awh, amazing, Lisa! It is so cool that you asked us and answered all the questions. I hoped… no, actually I was sure… that you would not only mention one happy moment! The Grand Canyon, I totally hear you. I cried instantly when I was standing there for the first time. And hey! High Five for MJ!!!

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  9. Oh, I remember that! He played Mater the truck. (“Like tu-mater without the tur.”) I watched the movie with my kids when they were young. 🙂


  10. Did you answer my question, mi amiga? Would you give up your dreams for the man you love? Like, if the Times offered you a job, and the man you loved refused to go to New York with you and your son (for whatever reason), would you turn down your dream job? Is your love for a mate more important than your love for yourself? Just wondering. 🙂

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  11. I appreciate your questions and taking the time to read it! Larry the Cable Guy was super funny! I interviewed him when Cars was first coming out. He did one of the voices in the movie. The interview I really regret not getting an opportunity to do was with Elton John. He was super busy with touring so his publicist said no. He’s been to El Paso a couple of times. I try to be positive about life, even if I’ve had my doubts lately.

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  12. It was very interesting to read your answers to the questions. It’s good to know that you’re the kind of person who looks on the bright side and tends to see the glass as half full. Also, interviewing Larry the Cable Guy sounds like it would have been fun.

    As for the controversy about your interview with the Iraqi woman, in my view you were just doing your job. A good reporter should be trying to help people get all sides of the story, not just the one that everybody else is covering.

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