Sunday Song 5-1-16

Good morning everyone and happy Sunday! Wow, it’s already May 1! We’re almost halfway through this year! Where has the time gone? I’m sure everyone and their mother AND grandmother has heard of The Beatles! Lol. It was very hard to pick a few songs of theirs because I like so many of them! These musical geniuses have inspired so many bands and musicians throughout the years. I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like at least one of their songs. I can’t say enough good things about their musical talent. Their songs will always be classic and timeless to many.

Throughout the years, I’ve known a couple of people who were completely obsessed with The Beatles. One of my roommates in college was obsessed with them and their “Yellow Submarine” album. She had posters and tons of Beatles memorabilia all over her side of the dorm room. Even though it’s not my favorite album, I like a few songs from the album. Here in El Paso, there’s even a pub named after one of their songs, “Eleanor Rigby.” Eleanor Rigby’s World Pub is a hidden gem in east El Paso. It’s a good little pub to catch a sporting event on TV, a local band and/or just to relax with a friend. Have a great Sunday, everyone and enjoy the music!

All you Need is Love ❤


  1. Nice choices. I agree, I think there aren’t too many people out there that don’t appreciate the Beatles. Even if you don’t care for the genre, everyone has a song or two they they like.

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  2. Yes it did! The song was originally a demo by John Lennon in 1977. They added the rest of them into the song. According to Wikipedia, the song was released in 1995, 25 years after their breakup and 15 years after John Lennon’s death. Paul McCartney asked Yoko Ono for the material. They used the song to promote “The Beatles Anthology” video documentary.

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  3. Wow. I wonder who put together “Free as a Bird”…that video contained so many song references. Excellent piece. It’s a shame that they preceded the video craze…I would have loved to see how they would have created them for some of these songs. ☺

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