Don’t Let Them Control Your Life!

A great post many of us could probably relate to at some point in our lives!

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This post is was inspired by a moving discussion with Merryn of Humble Heart Scribbles and her post Miss You.


It might have happened to many of you that there were/are people who all of a sudden behave peculiar, turn away from you or even start to act against you. We don’t care a lot if it is about anyone. But what when it about friends you had for years? Close friends, friends you share so many memories with, friends for whom you were there and looked over their issues because they meant more than opinions? Sometimes we know the reason. It might have been something we have done or said, consciously or unconsciously. Sometimes we don’t know and only assume what the reason could have been.

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  1. This post reminded me of this particular video I found on youtube

    Sometimes it’s painful to watch people go – but that’s only because they’ve become a part of us. But when these same people become a source of pain in our lives, we may just have to leave them or they may have to leave us. Whichever side I find myself on – I always remember this video. Letting them walk is never the wrong thing to do.

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  2. Thanks Lisa. I like to remember my little sister before all that, we were very close.

    I think most friends are really acquaintances for what you share, and for a relatively short period of your life. We all change and circumstances change so our acquaintances change. True friendship is tested when you hit a rough patch – because fair weather friends don’t stay. And then there are those damaged people who use the friendship solely for their gains and manipulations.

    Hugs my friend! 🐻 💜

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