Don’t Let Them Control Your Life!

A great post many of us could probably relate to at some point in our lives!


  1. This post reminded me of this particular video I found on youtube

    Sometimes it’s painful to watch people go – but that’s only because they’ve become a part of us. But when these same people become a source of pain in our lives, we may just have to leave them or they may have to leave us. Whichever side I find myself on – I always remember this video. Letting them walk is never the wrong thing to do.

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  2. Thanks Lisa. I like to remember my little sister before all that, we were very close.

    I think most friends are really acquaintances for what you share, and for a relatively short period of your life. We all change and circumstances change so our acquaintances change. True friendship is tested when you hit a rough patch – because fair weather friends don’t stay. And then there are those damaged people who use the friendship solely for their gains and manipulations.

    Hugs my friend! 🐻 💜

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