Friday Song 5-6-16

Good morning everyone and happy Friday! I’m so glad it’s finally FRIDAY! It was another long week! Today I’m including Michael Jackson songs from different eras. In the past, me and a few blogging buddies have included several MJ posts. One of my favorite posts was a guest post I did for Tracy’s blog, A Joyful Process. The post included several great memories of Michael Jackson, along with other types of music I grew up listening to. In case you missed it, you can check it out here. Here are a couple of my favorite MJ posts from Erika Kind and Lisa Tetting. You can check out Erika’s here. You can check out Lisa’s here.  Have a great Friday and weekend, everyone! I’ll be back tomorrow with more music and an exciting Saturday Evening Interview.

Two of my favorite songs to listen to in the car 🙂

Of course I can’t pick only ONE MJ song!


  1. awww i love you gurl…thank you for still being friends with me… : )
    I may not be a fan but if you ever come over for a game that I sometimes watch with dad I make a platter of all kinds of cheese and olives and chips and dips and chains and whips…sounds fun huh… maybe funner than the game LMAO JOKING!! .but I DO make the food for dad and enjoy it all..

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  2. He was such a unique and one of a kind entertainer and dancer. He inspired so many. I liked him more as a solo performer. I agree, his stuff towards the end wasn’t very good. My favorite was his stuff from the late 70’s and 80’s. Thank you for your comment and stories, Suzette. Nobody can ever replace him.

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  3. Oh by my guy Michael Jackson…
    How I could say so much about his musik…Since I could say so much about the man himself..How he would go out in mask full body costume so not even his family would notice him..Once he enter a look a like contest as Michael Jackson and he lost lolol…So much to say….but his musik will never stop playing in my collection ..I could not in a lifetime choose a favorite song from that man…I know I was taking dancing before that came out but he just pushed me even further into dance…I owe it to him…I owe a lot to him……He wasn’t a freak or such things most of those were acts of get people talking and they fell right into his trap or game as he would call it…He would have some of his people put rumors out just to get a rise out of them and all the while Michael Jackson would be laughing all the way to the bank since they would buy those magazine ….Such a very smart man more than most give him credit for..Smart beyond anything I have ever seen..intellect beyond his years…
    No one song could do it for me…each song meant something to him they all have a deeper meaning not just songs not just words…they are deep and talks about what was and IS going on with many subjects of todays world problems…The corrupt he went through the corrupt he seen first hand and about the world…His songs are all amazing the beats the melody they all get you dancing but the words hit home they hit our life our heart if you listen to them in another context ….
    So I pick all lol…
    Thank you so much for this…I adore all his songs and can never get to buy his younger work J5 … and my collection would be complete …I believe I have most if not all his CD’S I did not buy his last one it was to over produced for me nothing like he (mj) would want..I feel like they just threw it together for the money..”THEY” didn’t let it breath……

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  4. Don’t stop till you get enough is my go to clean up song! There’s nothing better than singing into the broom or mop handle and dancing in the living room that makes cleaning a fun time rather than a necessary task! Not to mention hanging on for dear life trying to imitate MJ balancing on my tip toes!

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  5. Yay, MJ!!! That is so cool, Lisa! I love the Off The Wall album! Off the Wall itself is such a cool song and Don’t Stop Til You Get enough is an all time classic for me! Thank you for sharing these great songs of The Greatest! Awesome, Lisa and thank you for the pinback. Hugs 😘

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  6. To me, Thriller built on what Off The Wall started. I was thinking about writing about it but I never got around to it. I would probably go into more detail about it there if I write it.

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  7. I like these as well as a bunch of songs from his J5 days. I’m about to say something that might get me run out of here: I liked Off The Wall better than Thriller. Loved both, but I just liked the one a little more than the other.

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  8. Very true. He was the consummate entertainer, immensely talented, and extremely influential. It’s such a shame that the final years of his life were marred by scandal and bizarre behavior. Sadly though, that’s not uncommon in the music biz. 😕

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  9. Yes! There’s SO many to choose from! One of my all-time favorite albums will always be “Thriller.” Nobody can ever replace Michael Jackson.

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  10. There’s a bunch to choose from, of course, but “Billie Jean” and “Wanna Be Startin Something” are two of my favorites. Of course, that’s not even including The Jackson 5 stuff. TGIF!

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