Saturday Evening Interview 5-7-16

Good evening everyone! I realize this interview is pretty late! I apologize, it’s been a really long day here. I will explain this in another post either later on tonight or tomorrow. Today’s Saturday Evening Interview is with one of my best buddies in the blogosphere, Tracy from A Joyful Process. Even though we’re thousands of miles away, Tracy has been a great friend. I’ve always enjoyed our blog comments and jokes about music and sports. I can’t say enough good things about him. We began interacting on WordPress around this time last year. We ‘met ‘at a fellow blogger’s blog party. If I remember correctly, our first comments were about alcohol and Taco Bell! LOL. What a great conversation starter…or not! Tracy is no stranger here. For those who aren’t familiar with A Joyful Process, you can check it out here. You can expect lots of music sports, “The Voice” reviews and so much more! As always, bienvenidos, Tracy and mi casa es su casa!   
ME: Your blog usually includes a lot of interesting music posts. Tell us more about your blog. What can readers expect? First, thank you for the kind words, and the opportunity to talk about my blog! My blog began as a place to write about whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, after I had been writing about sports on previous blogs and sites. The music posts kind of just found me; I’ve always loved music since I was young, but I didn’t ever think I would write about it. Readers can expect posts about music, mostly classic R&B, but with some surprises thrown in. I also write about the television show The Voice, which started when some friends asked me what I thought about the singers on the show. And because I still love sports, there are posts about that also, mostly about the Baltimore Orioles and Baltimore Ravens, but other sports will figure in also from time to time as I see fit.
ME: When did you start blogging and why? I started blogging back in 2007, with a blog that was called Mind Pinball. In that blog, I wrote mostly about sports, again about the Orioles and Ravens. The posts proved to be popular with people I engaged with on Twitter, so I began writing for the Tailgate 365 brand, as well as a site called Baltimore Sports Report. Eventually I got tired of writing only about sports, and I took a break for awhile. I started this blog in November of 2014 to do what I originally had planned to do with Mind Pinball-write about whatever pleased me. I blogged mainly because I had always loved writing, and blogging allowed me to express myself by writing.
ME: Do you have any goals for your blog? If so, what are they?
To try and feature more types of music, some of it local, some of the slow jams that I have come to love and some new music also. I also want to write more of the ‘other’ types of things I thought I was going to write about when I started: news, sports, stories and whatever crosses my path that I feel like I can write about, whether good or otherwise…
ME: What’s your favorite thing about blogging and why? The interaction between bloggers is my favorite thing by far. I didn’t always engage with bloggers or commenters when I started. I have seen that doing so has been so good for everyone involved. Plus, it allows me to be something of a comedian at times, though your mileage may vary as to how funny I am or can be.
ME: Tell us about life in Maryland. I know you sometimes like to chill at your favorite local bars and eat good food. Besides drinking beer and eating good food, what’s there to do for fun in Maryland and the DC area? Maryland, if you believe the old travel slogan, is America in Miniature. Just about anything you can do in other parts of the country, you can find here. I live in a small town on Maryland’s Eastern Shore (if you’ve looked at a map of state, you can see that it is bisected by the Chesapeake Bay). Compared to where you live, my town is a speck (only 15,000 residents)! But Baltimore and DC are reasonable drives away to get a taste of the big city if you want it. Here, life is lived at a slower pace. For fun, there are festivals all over the state. We can go down to the beach in Ocean City, see the mountains in Western Maryland (a favorite spot for me and my friends to go to), once the watermen go out, we can eat local seafood (steamed crabs are a favorite, though I don’t eat them!). We also have a local theater that gets some acts of renown in town from time to time, and there are all kinds of festivals. There is a nationally-known Maritime Museum where you can see the history of life on the water (watermen and maritime life are big here), as well as all kinds of things to do. As I live a bit away from the bigger cities and don’t go there all that often, I can still tell you that there is plenty to do in both. Baltimore is more a working class city, while DC is more internationally known, of course. Both have their clubs, and bigger festivals and big name entertainers that come through…and both have their own regional music (Go-Go in DC, Baltimore club in Bmore (duh!), that I hope to feature a bit more of in the future. (long-winded enough for you?)
ME: Are you ready to watch Dallas kick some a$$ when they play the Baltimore Ravens on November 20 in Texas? Should we place a bet again like last month? LOL. NAH, I think I’ll skip that this time around! I know I know I still owe you the selfie thing from March Madness, I didn’t forget about that! Yeah, I’m still waiting for that selfie! I understand though…as far as the a$$ kicking that “America’s Team” is supposed to give my Ravens, we shall see. You have proven to be a feisty smack talker, so your fall will be so much sweeter when Dallas gets beat in its own stadium! 🙂 I just hope that when you fall, the landing is soft and painless…wouldn’t want you hurting your pride or anything else for that matter 🙂 (ME: Yeah yeah keep talking your smack, Tracy! (ROLLS EYES). I know I started it first but…whatever!
ME: Going back to music, what’s been playing on your laptop and/or phone lately and why? I listen to a little bit of everything…from the weekly Discover playlist that Spotify generates to my playlist of favorites, to satellite radio. Some of the artists I’ve been listening to (and may feature on the blog) include, The Roots, Mayer Hawthorne, The Go-Go’s, Santana (love the new album!) and quite a bit of new music also. Though I mainly feature classic R&B music, I listen to a lot of different things.
ME: Who or what inspires you to blog about music? Many childhood memories and growing up are involved with music. I was something of a music nerd when I grew up, constantly reading about groups and singers and liner notes on what used to be called records (now I guess they call it vinyl to be hip). That last sentence implies that I grew up and that I’m not a music nerd anymore. Forget you saw that.
ME: What are some of your all-time favorite songs that make you do the Tracy two-step? Tell us more about the Tracy two-step. Don’t forget I’m still waiting on that video! There are lots of songs that can get me to do the Tracy two-step! Just this morning, I did the dance to “Break You Off” by The Roots with Musiq Soulchild. Last Friday, it was “LoveStoned” by Justin Timberlake. Others are all over my blog: “Back To Life” by Soul II Soul & Caron Wheeler, “I’ll Be Good” by Rene & Angela, “Got To Give It Up” by Marvin Gaye…the list goes on and on. As for the video, it’s coming! I have to get together with my video director to get a time and place and a song choice and it will be on like hot buttered popcorn! I may even throw in some extra moves if the spirit hits me just right. Dancing is just something I’ve always liked to do, and people have told me I’m pretty good at it. So, we’ll see if you feel the same way. Rest assured, there will be video!
ME: Which word describes you the most and why? It may be hard to believe out here in blogging, but quiet is what I was in person. I was a big introvert and it still manifests itself from time to time. Can I use more words? Laid back (okay the total is now three) is also an apt descriptor. Nice, funny, charming, (now we’re up to six). Let’s face it, it’s hard to describe me with one word. But they’re all true, and they make up  the stew that is T. Wayne.
ME: If you weren’t an accountant, would you become a professional writer? Why or why not? If I were a lot smarter in college, I would have written more there, rather than just what was needed to graduate. The college I went to offers the best writer in the senior class a prize worth over $60,000! I could have used that money! It was never my dream to be a writer, it was something I discovered that I was good at during school, but my dreams were about business or music. Now I write about music, so I guess writing always figured in but I never thought about doing it professionally.
ME: Since it’s Mothers Day tomorrow, tell us a little bit about your mother. What’s one of the most important lessons she taught you in life? My mom is one of my heroes. She taught me I would need to work hard to make it. She always kept me safe and pushed me to be successful. She helped me get an early start by getting me a tutor at 3-4 years old so I could do addition, subtraction and reading. I promptly rewarded her initiative by being put in the slower track at school, until they realized I was getting bored. She also factors into my love of music, having introduced me to the first song I ever remember hearing, and her love of the “Quiet Storm” slow songs that now I have learned to appreciate.
ME: OK OK, enough with this inquisition! Do you have anything else you’d like to add? Thanks so much Lisa for the opportunity to bore, uh entertain your readers with my blogging tales. I really love your blog and the many things you write about. You were one of the first bloggers to really engage with me and supported me when I was having trouble writing last summer. I will always be grateful to you for providing me with support and encouragement. Again, many thanks.
LOL Sorry, Tracy I had to add this one for kicks! LMAO! It’s the clean version!
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