Happy Birthday Erika!

Hi again everyone! My blogging friend and sister, Erika Kind hid her birthday from us yesterday LOL! Luckily, my blogging sister and buddy, Ritu from But I Smile Anyway did a beautiful post about it here. Erika is a beautiful and kind soul inside and out. I can’t say enough great things about her. She’s inspired me to continue blogging and eventually write my long-awaited book. I’m not sure when I’ll start writing the book that’s been scrambled in my mind for years but it will eventually happen. Erika also has great taste in music. She includes a lot of great quotes and uplifting posts in her blog.

Unfortunately I won’t be attending the Blogger Bash in London in June. I would’ve loved meeting Erika, Ritu and several other bloggers from around the world. I won’t be able to attend due to work and other things going on in my life. Hopefully I’ll be able to attend next time. There might also be a Blogger Bash in the U.S. someday. It was actually Erika’s and a couple of other bloggers idea to have one in the U.S. Nobody is sure when or where it will be. Erika suggested El Paso and I suggested either El Paso, Chicago or Los Angeles. Happy birthday and Mother’s Day Erika! Feel free to wish Erika some one day late birthday wishes here or at her blog, www.erikakind.wordpress.com Lots of hugs! 


  1. No, this year is too soon. But I would suggest to wait after the Blogger Bash in London and then perhaps we could post about the idea and many might be more motivated. Also the organizing committee have more experience and can make suggestions!

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  2. Thank you so much 🙂 Thank you for your comment as well! Erika deserves so much! She’s really inspired me to grow as a writer. This was the least I could do.

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  3. Won’t be easy, I guess. Everybody is busy. Even I cannot be part of the organization at the moment since I don’t even know how my life looks like in the next months. But I can help spreading the news for sure! It really needs a group of 4 – 5 people in order to share what needs to be organized. We will see. If someone from the States comes over in June perhaps they are inspired and motivated 😃

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  4. Isn’t that cool! Everybody would love to have a gathering. We truly are one big family! Thank you again for this absolutely beautiful and most lovely post, Lisa! 😘 😘

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  5. Aww Erika! Thank you for being a good friend and blogging sister. It looks like a few bloggers are interested in the U.S. Bloggers Bash! A poll will need to be done to see where and when!

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  6. Lisa, now you make my eyes watery too! 💖 I cannot believe how absolutely amazing you all are! God, I am so blessed! Such lovely words, really, watery eyes! 😢 Thank you so very much, my dear Lisa! I wish I could hug you now! Thank you for the wonderful songs you added! You are such thoughtful and warm-hearted friend! One thing is for sure: One day we will meet! 💖💖

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  7. I’m on the east coast. So, maybe somewhere in the middle ? The best answer though…the region where there are the most interested bloggers…I’d travel to that place ! ☺

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