Tuesday Song 5-10-16

Hi everyone and happy Tuesday! Today I’m going with some easy listening music by Eagles. I’ve liked this LA-based band for a long time. I COMPLETELY regret not going to their concert in El Paso last year! I had some bills to pay so I was short on cash. The tickets were $100 each. I figured they would come back but unfortunately one of their singers and co-founders Glenn Frey passed away in January. Aside from singing, Frey also played guitar, piano and keyboard with the Eagles. According to Wikipedia, Frey released 24 Top 40 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 with the Eagles and solo. I wondered if he would ever be replaced by the band. Even if he was, the music probably wouldn’t be the same. I hope you enjoy the music, everyone! Have a great rest of the day! 

Life in the Fast Lane!

Take it Easy!


  1. Oh no closer to Dallas than Houston … A lil over 60+ miles one way to Dallas…Close to the town called Greenville but not Greenville ave lol…small town we used to have a family owned store and she sold it and the people that had it didn’t do very good so they closed it we have a post office and one stop sign…this is the town of Campbell you can look it up on google.. no bank nothing more but country but lucky if I go either way one town or the next is close maybe 10+ 20 miles to each town but I like it out here we have houses on each side and across the street the one across the street is old like ours but needs a lot of work someone was working on it but since I have been here with dad 6 years I haven’t seen much done to it..suppose to be haunted like ours….or I like to call it active lol…

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  2. Are you in or near Houston? It’s always getting flooded there! My sister is a teacher there. They usually close when it gets bad. It was supposed to rain here but it didn’t! It was just humid.

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  3. Yes it is lol love that term for the weather here.. it got dark and was just raining for about 10 minutes waiting to take the dogs out looks like it’s about ready to end…Thank God….we have had enough rain here….and now all our mowers are in the shop or down…

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  4. Dang I am so far behind………………………………………………This was posted on Tuesday and it’s Thursday…………..Oh my………………………..

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  5. I like “I Can’t Tell You Why”, “Lyin’ Eyes”, “The Best Of My Love” and “Take It To The Limit”, as well as the others listed here. So your parents introduced you to the Eagles too?

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