Wednesday Song 5-11-16

Hilarious Jimmy Fallon Styx video! 😀

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve been having a great week so far! Today I’m concluding the Bands My Parents Introduced Me to series. Thank you for all of the great feedback and comments from everyone. I’m ending the series with Styx. Before I began the series, me and my sister exchanged a few texts. Although we rarely agree on anything, we actually agreed on most of the bands I included in this series. We’ve always had different personalities. Anyway…she highly recommends Styx for this series. She said Styx was ‘legendary.’ We both had a lot of good laughs from their music growing up. My parents played their music during car trips a lot. My word to describe Styx is ‘unique.’ 

“The Best of Times” is a special song for my sister. That was her father/daughter dance song at her wedding. Here are a few songs from Styx. Enjoy the rest of your week! I’ll be back on Friday with music! 


  1. Hi Kat! I’m glad you stopped by! Styx are weird. LOL. It’s getting hot over here too but not as hot as over where you’re at! It’s in the 90’s here.


  2. Enjoyed the interview on the above post….really like Prince Royace, I love latin music especially the old classics……..and who doesn’t love Styx… you doing??? getting hot here…been in the triple digits for a few days…guess I better get used to that…LOL kat

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  3. The video is almost the same! LOL. Hmm, yea now that you point it out, Styx kind of does sound like Air Supply. Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Ahhh… I knew Styx sounded familiar to me. When I found Mr. Roboto I knew why! I did not know the other ones. I guess Mr. Roboto was their big hit. I loved it a lot!

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