Sunday Song, Etc. 5-15-16

Hi everyone! I hope your weekend was great! I’m still up but I’m almost getting ready for bed. I had a great time spending quality time with my son today. We went to see “Captain America: Civil War.” Even though the movie is more than two hours long, we both enjoyed it. I’m a big Iron Man and Spider Man fan (hey that rhymes) so I always enjoy those movies. I prefer “Iron Man” movies over “Captain America.” I’m also a sucker for Robert Downey Jr. The “Iron Man” plots are always more exciting. I also enjoy the older “Spider Man” movies with Tobey Maguire. Both Iron Man and Captain America are such egotistical super heroes. I almost always enjoy action hero and children’s movies. Another favorite super hero of mine for obvious reasons is Thor! 🙂

 Today, I also had the opportunity to try the British candy, Maltesers for the very first time. My blogging buddy, Ritu brought them up in this post here. They taste similar to Whoppers. I have to agree with Ritu when she says they taste better than Whoppers. I’m a little disappointed I can’t attend a mother/son breakfast tomorrow at my son’s school. We’re very short staffed at work right now. I hope I might still be able to pull off attending but it looks doubtful. The good news is he’ll be getting an award on Thursday so I’ll be there for sure! It’s during my lunch hour so that’s even better!

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Have you been keeping up with the transgender restroom issue? I think the situation is completely being blown out of proportion! It makes me wonder what these politicians really have on their agenda. I’m glad Texas is allowing those who belong to the transgender community to choose which restroom they want to use. Texas is a conservative state. I strongly disagree with North Carolina’s law. You can read more about the issue here. “The Washington Post” wrote a good story about it.

Tomorrow is my least favorite day but someone has to go through it, right? I’m actually excited for tomorrow! If you’ve been following me for a bit, you might remember me blogging about a guest blog post I did for the local non-profit organization, Las Latinitas in March. The organization empowers Latina girls between the ages of 9-14 to pursue a college degree, especially in the journalism field. Latinitas always looks for Latina women who can serve as role models, mentors and/or help with their events. I was honored when they asked me to write a blog post for their Women’s History Month Blog-a-thon event. You can check it out here.I’m now honored to volunteer for their organization. I hope my skills and experience will help make a difference in a young Latina’s life. If I’m able to help at least one girl, I’ll be happy. If I’m able to help more than one, that would be even better! I have a lot of writing projects coming up! I’m really excited about these opportunities as well!

Today, I’m leaving you with a relaxing song by U.K band Massive Attack called “Teardrop.” If you were/are a big “House” fan like myself, you’ve probably heard this song before. Have a great night/day, everyone! I’ll be back with some music tomorrow. I’m going to take a couple of days off after Monday’s song.  


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