Sunday Song 5-22-16

Hi everyone! I hope your weekend is going well! Since El Paso’s sixth annual Neon Desert Music Festival is underway this upcoming weekend, I’m making this week Neon Desert Week. I’ll be featuring music and info. about the festival and some of its artists everyday until next Sunday. Around 40 local, national and worldwide artists will perform at the two-day festival. Today I’m going with one of the main headliners, Christopher Bridges, A.K.A. Ludacris. The Atlanta-based hip-hop artist was recently interviewed by The El Paso Times. You can check out the interview by clicking on the last link below. I hope you enjoy my birthday twin’s music and collaborations, everyone. Have a great day! Warning: Luda’s music is NSFW (not suitable for work).


  1. Hey Sunshine!!!! : )
    OH that is kool gurl..proud of you…well now you can try to rest…..
    well I hope that you are getting some much needed rest…
    Ok I think I get it …and you can talk about everything as well?? or anything? and play videos n musik??..
    Well huggggggggs to you and again I am proud of you gurl


  2. Hello friend! I was just finishing up an assignment for a local publication. It was a hard story to do because nobody was answering my calls or emails! I’m SO glad it’s finally out of the way! A blog party is when a blog post is created for the occasion. Bloggers leave links to their favorite or latest blog posts in the comments. It’s a way to network and meet other bloggers. I had one for New Years Eve and Day. It was a great time meeting new bloggers. You just spread the word on blog posts and/or social media. I’m ready to go back to bed because I woke up at about 2:30 a.m. to finish this assignment. Take care and see you soon! I’m going to work on a post for here in a bit or later on.

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  3. Thank you gurl for understanding … : )
    yeah he is better thank you for asking…he was suppt to see his dr today but my pain in all my joints are on fire so no go….I hate when I have to cancel appointments..but I can’t even move lie!!!! you should see my typing lol hunt and peck….
    Oh my dear I say nothing worse then headache and toothache…I don’t know what to tell you on that since I get migraines and haven’t found anything even though I have only tried sinuses meds otc and I have tried Excedrin and that didn’ do shitt..ohh that head on stuff you can get walgreens works ok..bath and body works used to have this natural stuff thank god I still have alot left but last time I did try and after a lil while it did ok..gurl I am running out of ideas with you hahah nah I really hope you start to feel better soon and nothing stands in your way!!!!
    I have never been to a blog party how and how do you do that??? but I need drinks for that and im shitt out of luck…lol
    How are you feeling today my dear loved one??

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  4. No problem, my friend! I’m sorry to hear about your dad being sick, I hope he is feeling better! Thank you for all of your suggestions! My head was hurting so bad, I didn’t go to work yesterday. I could really go for a drink right now! Lol. We’ve had a couple of blog parties here in the past! I haven’t seen as many blog parties lately! We’ll have to have one soon.

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  5. Gurl !!
    So SORRY for not getting back to you I though a simple dinner and clean up but I should just laugh at thinking simple lol.. dad had been sick that morning and didn’t feel that good all day he sat in his chair the whole day so I knew he didn’t feel good but after dinner he started to throw up again that happen and helping him and get him ready for bed or resting….Then dishes and all that fun stuff ..I was ready to hit the bed n watch TV and try to relax so I am sorry….
    HERE ARE THE NAME OF THE BATH SOAKS as promised that I think help…The first one..well the name of the brand on both are Batherapy Liquid Natural Mineral Bath Bathe away aches and pains it said relax tired and muscles and sleep sound one is lavender aromatherapy (love this one the best)and it’s purple oh also reduces tension on all these 2.. the other one is green and is the original formula …As I said I like the purple best since lavender and it smells so nice then get ready for bed or the day..but the best part it seems to help ..just pour as much or as little as you like in the bath and it makes bubbles lolol..Last time I looked online at walgreens they still had them and I don’t think they were over 5.00 so for that price it is worth it..So please try to get your hands on it or 2 lol..if you do please let me know…oh also I buy the bath and body works online sleep lotion and sleep body wash and or bath tube use..I buy the warm milk and honey body lotion and I believe the one I use in the bath or shower is the same one..oh it smells so damn good too..I put the lotion all over and then lay down and have my hands close to my face where I can breath in the relaxing scents..and sometime I put the lotion under/ in my nose and above my lip to really get the effect ..I also have a sleep mask lol I got on a promotion from some make up I had ordered so as you can see I try ..But for the most part I think it’s this bed we hate it…did I say WE HATE IT!! lol no really I shouldn’t have put lol ..when I want to cry thinking of getting back in it….But with the bath and body works try online since they usually have sales or even the store but online I find more sales and then look out cuzz they will send you a handful of coupons to use online or store this is how I have a bunch of lotions and sprays right now lol I could not beat those prices ..They all help ….except when insomina kicks in for me…but also when that happens I am not able to take a hot bath or shower in use the above since we only have one bathroom here at dad home and I don’t want to be in there at night when he needs to use it lol so I haven’t had a chance to try it then…but I swear the next time insomnia hit I WILL DO IT!!! LOL
    Oh Pina Collada one of my favorite drinks…I haven’t been out and drinks in so long IT IS SAD!!..I love bloody marys too but they are filling..but oh the pickle and olives in them……
    Well one Friday night or the weekend us gurls on here could get our own drinks and have a party on here and play musik and shitt lol….since we all can’t be together and that sucks hogg ballz

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  6. It makes it grow, strengthen and straightens it. I got it because I got tired of always straightening my hair in the morning. I’ve never tried Botox and I wouldn’t. They gave me a shot but it only helped for awhile.


  7. k hold on and I will go get them from in the bathroom.. Believe me when your in enough pain or shitt any kind of pain you will try stuff..I think I have tried every cream out there from the store but nothing seemed to can probably get bio freeze from your physical therapy have they tried that on you..It’s green and

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  8. I hear pit bull in the background singing …miss worldwide lololol…
    That would be really fun I think…we would have a blast for sure..what’s a drink that you like or 2 lol ??

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  9. is that to make it grow?? I can’t remember ..I have heard of it before.. oh no , no burning I loose enough hair from lupus as it is..I have to take extra Biotin 5000mcg a day…..
    yes beauty can be painful lol have you ever tried botox or anything like that on your face??..I haven’t …I have had it injected into my back when they knock me out for a surgery or I should say procedure where they inject it anywhere you tell them before they knock ur happy azz out lol and steroids too… have you tried any of that for your pain??

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  10. I don’t even want to think of tooth pain a few of mine hurt off and on…no talking either damn that had to be hard lolololl…
    honest usually I don’t get any pain relief ..I do have better days and really fucking bad days …I take medication but still in pain…I do some stretching and ice or heat…when it gets to bad I have to lay down and we hate our the bed don’t help at all..I wake up in pain and go to bed in pain ..on that fucking scale I usually always at least 8 or’s constant pain sometimes I hurt so bad I throw up…so my stomach is a mess well it was anyways with the lupus but that don’t help..when my parents had a hot tub that did help…OH hot baths help god how can I forget that..I bought this stuff well my mom did years ago and I still have some and wallgreens still sells it one is lavender to help relax even more it’s for sore muscles and aches and pain…if you hold on I will get the name of it..I love this stuff you just pour some in bath water and lay back and relax that does help and go to sleep after….Do you want the name??? OH ALSO bath and body works there healing section they have sleep lotion and bath n body wash that helps alot tooo.I had a good coupon and bought a bunch of lotions and healing things like that one for stress and one for sleep and energy and believe me the sleep and stress work wonders…you want the names of those tooo???

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