Monday Song, Etc. 5-23-16

Hi everyone! I hope your Monday went well. I wish I could say mine went well but it didn’t. It’s not over yet so who knows? I’m looking forward to watching “The Voice” finale tonight and tomorrow night. If Alisan Porter wins, I’ll be happy. People did a great story on why they think she should win. You can check it out here. My head’s been hurting non-stop from the car accident and being stressed out. It feels like someone is constantly slapping me on the back of my head! I took a couple of Tylenol 3’s so hopefully that helps. I feel comfortable sharing my life with everyone who follows me so I’ll go ahead and speak my mind here. Thank you in advance for reading. 

I’m upset and disappointed for several reasons. Today I was told I wouldn’t be granted press credentials for the Neon Desert Music Festival. The PR person I was dealing with for months (I’m not even going to mention his name because it’s not even worth the space here) said there was too much of a demand and I wasn’t on the list. Even though they sent me numerous press releases for months, I didn’t make the cut. I told him I’d still blog about their event anyway because it’s part of El Paso. I think it’s pretty sad they don’t let a local female blogger, experienced reporter and freelance writer into the event. My blog has been read in around 80 different countries…yet I was denied access. I might still go to the festival but I’m not sure yet. Don’t worry, I’m not going to stop the music here! Neon Desert Week hasn’t been canceled on Life of an El Paso Woman! I still want you to experience who’s coming to the Sun City this coming weekend. Anyway life goes on…it always does.

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On a positive note, I’m looking into making a career change within the next year or so. I’m considering whether or not I want to become a middle or high school teacher. I’m looking at teaching language arts or journalism. Since I already have a bachelors degree, I would only need to earn my teaching certification. The program takes 12-18 months to complete. If I decide to do it, I would need to take a couple of exams. In the meantime, I’m going to continue freelance writing and blogging. I hope I’ll also be able to purchase a home within the next couple of years. As always, thank you for reading along! Have a great rest of the evening or morning. I’ll be back tomorrow with another Neon Desert artist. Today’s artist is reggaeton artist and entertainer, Daddy Yankee. Reggeton has a mixture of hip-hop and musical influences from various Latin American countries. Warning: The song and video are NSFW (not suitable for work).  


  1. Thanks Tikeetha! I have to take two exams but not until August. I think it seems like a rewarding career. I’ll feel like I’m giving back to my community. I would love to teach middle or high school. I need a challenge in my life. Lol. I want to teach language arts or journalism.

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  2. They told me it could take months for me to heal from the concussion. I’ve been going to therapy and it helps. Yes, I plan on still freelancing and writing in the blog. I’ll eventually write my book. Yes I write for one in El Paso for now. I’ve written for some in New Mexico in the past.

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  3. Have you been told why your head is still hurting Lisa. Teaching sounds like a wonderful idea. The best person to teach writing is someone that has a passion for it and has made a living doing it.You could even continue your freelance work. do you write for publications in El Paso?

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  4. I am sorry to hear that you were rejected. What you write sounds very unfair but on the other hand, there is a change in your mind anyway and it might confirm you in that direction although of course, one doesn’t exclude the other. Great songs and I now both. She has a fantastic voice and I cross my fingers for her that she wins. Her singing gave me goosebumps!

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  5. So sorry to hear about being denied press credentials. That’s frustrating and disappointing.

    I do like your quote though and wish you luck moving forward – should you choose to change careers or not.

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