Wednesday Song, etc. 5-25-16

Hi everyone! I apologize I was MIA yesterday! I’m currently working on a few writing assignments. One is already due tomorrow and a couple of others are due next week. Due to these assignments, I may not blog tomorrow or for the next couple of  days. I’m going to do my best to show up here! Today I’m including a song from another Neon Desert artist, Dutch DJ and record producer, Tiësto. Tiësto is no stranger to El Paso. He’s performed here on several occasions. The song I included is my all-time favorite Tiësto song. I’m taking you back to 2005 with “Adagio for Strings.”

Not only have I been working on these writing assignments but…my eyes were also glued to the TV and Twitter last night for two reasons…”The Voice” finale and the Donald Trump rally and protests in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Even though Albuquerque is a four-hour drive from here, I have some history there. I used to live and work there in 2008. I’ve been back several times since then. Since I lived in New Mexico for nine years, I was a New Mexican voter for a few of those years. A couple of my journalism buddies from New Mexico State were live at the event. This rally and protest made world headlines. It made me think how terrible things would become if he actually becomes president. He and that thought are a joke! I included a couple of videos from Albuquerque. Even though Trump’s been challenged to stop in El Paso in the past, I’m sure he probably won’t. Although Texas is a red state, El Paso is extremely liberal. If for some reason he does come to El Paso, you’ll see me protesting. I’m happy Alisan Porter won “The Voice.” I now have to rush to my day job but I will see you soon! Have a great day everyone!

P.S. In time, I plan to discuss a couple of local issues such as The Cuban refugees and the rise of Heroin use in El Paso. I’m working on these and other writing assignments at this time. Please stay tuned for them! As always, thank you for reading and following Life of an El Paso Woman! 



  1. Now gurl !!!!!
    I LOVE TIESTO ,Tiësto!!! H has been my go to for many ,many years…..god maybe over 16 years????…… Newfound respect for you gurl hahaha j/k
    n dancing in my head

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  2. What annoys me about him is that he disregards the freedoms we have as Americans. We are allowed our opinions and have the right to speak it. But, he takes that away. He has people thrown out instead of addressing the objections and actually saying something worth listening. The Adagio was amazing. I loved it!

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  3. This guy is scary, but the most frightening part is the amount followers he has lining up. If he wins, this country will be set back by leaps and bounds socially. So devisive. It’s sad really, that someone like him can reach this level. Pathetic.

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