Review: Neon Desert Music Festival Day 2

Hi everyone! Today I’m finishing up my review on day 2 of the NDMF. Day 2 is the main reason I wanted to go. The first musician I saw Sunday evening was Mexican pop rock singer Natalia Lafourcade. She has a smooth and relaxing sound. I was able to find a video of hers on YouTube. After watching her performance, I walked around and relaxed in San Jacinto Plaza. I enjoyed a cucumber lemonade and corn in a cup. The lemonade included slices of cucumber and chile powder on the rim. The corn included Valentina hot sauce, butter and Parmesan cheese. I wasn’t feeling any of the music until I went to see rappers Tory Lanez and A$AP Ferg.

Cucumber Lemonade and Corn in a Cup

I’m not going to lie, things got a little bit crazy with the teeny boppers there. I felt like I was old enough of to be some of these kids moms. 😀 Lots of crowd surfing and jumping around took place! I myself even did a tiny tiny bit of crowd surfing. Not as much as others but just for a minute or two. I included a video I found on YouTube of Tory Lanez performing an oldie, “Pony” by Ginuwine. Ginuwine is scheduled to perform Friday at The Garden here in El Paso. I didn’t think I’d enjoy these rap artists but I did! After the two performances, I waited more than an hour for Ludacris. His people realized it was pretty hot so guess what they did? They threw several water bottles to the crowd. Your truly even caught one! 

Ludacris had the crowd (I finally saw more people my age) going since the minute he walked on stage! I enjoyed every second of his set. He and his DJ were experts at interacting with the audience. I was a little disappointed he didn’t play “Diamond in the Back” and “I do it for Hip-hop.” He and his DJ had me going though. I was bobbing my head and even dancing throughout the performance. I enjoyed his “Money Maker” performance. He even threw money around the stage! I don’t know if it was real or fake. He also had me going with “Roll Out” and “Southern Hospitality.” I highly recommend watching him and his DJ. I hate to admit this but my ears are still ringing three days later. After Luda, I caught some of Tiësto. Thousands of festival goers lined the street and stage to see him. I had a GREAT time both days! Whether or not I receive press credentials next year, I might or might not return. If they bring in artists I like, I’ll be there for sure! You can catch more of my coverage on Twitter at @lma911 or Have a great day, everyone! I’m working on some assignments so I’ll be back on Friday. 

P.S. Don’t be afraid to attend something like this by yourself. I met all kinds of people and did whatever I want whenever I wanted :). It’s great if you go with someone but going to something alone is also just is fun! 



  1. What fun….I have had the best times all by myself many times….love doing stuff alone…like you said you can go where you want when you want no one else to consider….LOL looks like you had a blast….kat

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