Friday Song, etc 6-3-16

Hi everyone! I’m SO glad it was a short four-day work week! Since I’ve been working on different assignments for a few weeks, I’ve been pretty busy. I’m having a great time getting back into writing stories and meeting new people! Tomorrow is another busy day here! I’ll be attending a Pride parade, along with a really important interview. I’ll be including photos and videos of the parade here and on Twitter. A couple of friends invited me to the event. I decided I wanted to go because I want to show them my support.

Since Ginuwine is performing tonight at Downtown El Paso’s The Garden Bar and Bistro, I’m taking you back to 1996 with his hit song, “Pony.” I still listen to the song on the radio a lot! I’ll most likely be back later on today, everyone! If I get busy, I’ll be here on Saturday with photos from the Pride parade. I have a very interesting and emotional Saturday Evening Interview for you. Please stay tuned for it! Enjoy your Friday and weekend, everyone!    


  1. Actually I remember when I was younger singing this song and my Grandma saying “What are those dirty lyrics you’re singing”. Me at the time was a bit naive around the age of 10 just shrugged.

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