Is Donald Trump Coming to El Paso?


The El Paso County Republican Party wants to bring Donald Trump to the Sun City. El Paso County Republican Party Chairman Adolpho Telles told KFOX 14 “We’ve contacted his people in the state and asked them to come to El Paso. And we’re continuing to do that.”

Telles added “We’re talking to people within his organization. They want to get him to Texas. They want him to come to several cities, cities in West Texas. Lubbock is one of them that’s on the list where they want him to come. So if he comes, he can make several (stops) at the same time.”

“Now that he is our presumptive candidate, now that he’s got the delegates, he’s looking towards the national convention. I think now, we have more of an option or an opportunity to get him to come to El Paso.”

The El Paso County Republican Party wants Trump to focus on military, veteran and border security issues.

“We’ve talked about why he should come to El Paso. El Paso has a great military facility, and we’ve got a great military presence,” he said. “So the impact on the military here, you know the hospital issues related to the VA.”

“We’re the sixth largest city in the State of Texas, and we’re the largest city on the border,” he said.

Telles thinks visiting a border town with a predominantly Mexican and Hispanic population will help Trump get a fresh perspective on the issues he’s already been outspoken about. Eighty-two percent of El Paso’s population is Hispanic and 13 percent are non-Hispanic whites.

Trump did a 30-minute interview on MSNBC on Wednesday and said “I have many legal immigrants working for me. They love me and I love them. If I get the GOP nomination, I will get the Latino vote because I am going to create jobs.”

The El Paso County Republican Party began a social media campaign on Twitter and Facebook. They are using the hashtags #BringTrump2EP and #EPMilitaryWantsTrump to get Trump’s attention.

Several Hispanics, including El Paso’s Democratic Party Chairwoman Iliana Holguin strongly disagree with Trump visiting El Paso.

Hispanics I spoke with said a lot of protests and chaos would take place if he visits. Several protesters lined the streets of Albuquerque and Los Angeles when Trump recently visited. When I asked Maria A., she said El Paso would become crazy and Donald Trump might be in danger for his life if he visits. Patrick Melton, an athletic coordinator and head football coach at Americas High School said “nothing would happen” via Twitter.

Holguin told KFOX 14 “Mr. Trump has alienated a lot of Hispanic communities and communities with large Hispanic populations such as El Paso because of the very negative and hateful rhetoric that he’s decided to pursue with regards to immigrants and immigrant communities in general.”

El Paso’s Democratic Party has not yet asked Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton to visit El Paso.

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  1. I doubt he would want to visit our city. We’re too close to the people he despises “criminals and rapists.” This could turn out to be very interesting

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  2. The problem is not the normal people. There exists professional protesters. The goal of the organizations that sponsor them is to promote discord. If the national news sees a big deal they win. Careful looking for truth in either the candidate or the protesters. It’s all about the message of the parties! The candidates can add things to the party message but don’t control the party. Despite the obvious tension between candidate and party, they will bow to each other

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  3. I don’t get the modern Republican Party. They’re all for family values and religion and working hard to reach the American dream yet they are so hell bent against Hispanics. In my experience, most Hispanics fit this profile. It would seem to me that the Republicans would be falling all over themselves to get their vote instead of alienating them.

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  4. Bring him to EP, but let’s call the ABQ and California protesters what they really were, criminals. If you truly support the Trump Opposition, come protest like human beings. El Paso already has stereotypes. Lets not perpetuate the negative ones by stooping to egging, assaulting…and setting fire to to American flags. If you are burning an American flag, what exactly does that say about your character? What does it say to our brave men and women over seas fighting to keep these terrible acts of terrorism from crossing into our backyards more than they have already. Protest peacefully, or dont, and give the TrumpTrain more ammo and bring shame to our city.

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