Monday Song 6-13-16

Hi everyone. I think Andrea Bocelli’s version of “Amazing Grace” is fitting one day after the mass shooting in Orlando. I don’t want to keep writing about the tragic incident so this will most likely be the last post on the subject here. My heart is with anyone and everyone who was affected.

Although “Amazing Grace” has almost 500 different versions, this is probably my favorite version of the hymn. It gave me goosebumps the first time I heard it. However, I usually get goosebumps after listening to Andrea Bocelli. Take care everyone and I’ll be back tomorrow.

I’ll be participating in Erika’s Romantic Tuesday challenge. You can check out her challenge right here. Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate by contributing a romantic poem, song, photo, story, drawing, etc. in the comments section here on Tuesday or…feel free to include your own post on your blog. If you’d like, you can link to mine and/or Erika’s original post. I’d love to see what you come up with. If you’re on Twitter, it’d be great if you could include #RomanticTuesday  


  1. Awesome, Lisa! I am thrilled by the idea that you are joining in so fully engaged. I never intended to make it a challenge when I started, but it seems that people love it and who doesn’t love love…. lol!!! Thank you for all your excitement and friendship, Lisa! Hug you strongly 💖

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  2. Thank you Erika 🙂 I hope more will take part in your awesome challenge! I planned on doing it last week but I was on a really tight deadline. I have a couple coming up but it isn’t as busy as the past couple of weeks. I think you’ll like the song I picked out. It’s in Spanish and English. I found it when I was on YouTube the other day. I agree with you, there can NEVER be too much love! Love is a beautiful thing. Love you Erika! ❤ Hugs!

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  3. What a beautiful choice, Lisa. I already got goosebumps only by seeing what you picked.
    Awesome, that you invite for participating on Romantic Tuesday…. let’s bring some love into this world… there can never be too much! Lots of love to you, Lisa💖

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