Erika’s #RomanticTuesday Challenge


Hi everyone! I hope your day is going well! Today I’m participating in Erika’s Romantic Tuesday Challenge. Erika started her Romantic Tuesday series almost a year ago. Her weekly series usually features romantic songs and poetry. Last Tuesday, she challenged the blogging community and her readers to participate. Since I was working on an assignment, I wasn’t able to participate until this week. Erika asks participants to include a romantic song, poem, story, photo, drawing or anything else that’s romantic. If you’re interested in participating, you can check out her challenge post here. 

Today I’m featuring a song in Spanish and English by Romeo Santos and Usher called “Promise.” I found the song on YouTube last week. I’m taking you back to 2011 with this one. The video includes the lyrics so you can follow along in both languages. I want to thank Erika for always inspiring me and other bloggers to spread love and happiness here, on social media and life in general. Love always wins! Love is love! I’m also going to borrow Erika’s “In Love and Light!” phrase. She finishes every blog post with those four words 🙂 I’ll most likely start participating in this challenge every Tuesday. I’ll have a romantic song, story, quote, drawing and/or photo here. I’m not really a poet anymore but you never know. Lol. I might surprise you one day. Have a great Tuesday, everyone! I hope you participate in this awesome challenge! I’ll be back Thursday or Friday with more music and posts. I have a couple of assignments due this week and next. 

Photo from Erika’s blog,


  1. This is absolutely awesome and exciting, Lisa! I love all of these connecting possibilities for something that brings so much light into the world. My heartfelt thank you.
    Yes, I saw Tracy’s post. So, so wonderful!!! I love you ladies!

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  2. Thank you for bringing this awesome challenge to us, Erika! Tracy also took part in it with a romantic song. I think I’m going to participate every week going forward. I have some art and stories I want to share…more music too! I’m so excited about this challenge!

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  3. Oh, Lisa! I am totally humbled by your lovely words! Thank you for spreading love and making Tuesdays a bit more romantic. Such a lovely song you picked for. The fact that it is in two languages to me is an analogy that love connects all and everything. Happy Tuesday, Lisa! 💖

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