Sunday Song 6-19-16

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great Sunday! Happy Father’s Day to all of the fathers who celebrate! I hope you were able to spend it with your children and/or loved ones. I spent quality time with a lot of my loved ones today including: my son, uncles, grandparents and parents. This weekend has gone by WAY too fast! It’s been a hectic and busy one for me! I have a lot to do this week! Today I’m leaving you with some Father’s Day songs. Coming up, I have some more posts for you, including a guest post. Please stay tuned for these posts this evening and throughout the week! Please forgive me, I’m a little bit behind on my posts for today. Enjoy the rest of your day, everyone! Take care!



  1. Hi Suzette! Mondays usually aren’t fun around here. I’ve had a headache all day long 😑 I couldn’t take it anymore so I took a muscle relaxer. How was your day?? Thank you for checking out the post!

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  2. I know I am late about it being fathers day lol…
    But what a great line up of great songs…
    Thank you for sharing gurl..
    How is your Monday treating you???

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