Monday Song 6-20-16

Hi everyone! Today officially kicks off the first day of summer in the U.S. El Paso has already hit temperatures over 100 degrees this month. Since it reached a record 108 on Saturday, this song resonates well for me. Today we’re expecting a cool 99 degrees. 😀  

What’s funny to me is…seeing some of the clothes they’re wearing in this video make a comeback this summer. Cuffed jeans and pants, overalls, ruffled blouses, daisy dukes (short jean shorts), flares (similar to bell bottoms) and jumpers (pictured below) are some of the clothes I wore in the 80’s and 90’s. I don’t think I could see myself wearing them again! I’ll stick to clothes that rarely go out of style.


Speaking of the 90’s, my blogging buddy Tracy from A Joyful Process included DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s “Summertime” for his Morning Groove song today. You can check out the song and blog here. Throughout the week, he’ll be featuring songs that include the word ‘summer’ in them. I apologize…I’m running behind on the blog! I’ll have more posts for you throughout the week. Have a great day everyone and stay cool!  

Photo from Google Search


  1. No problem gurl ; ) yes we can due with out it for sure…just checked and in the shade it is 110 outside here today..fuck that shitt lol…
    I hope to get our main ac unit worked on soon so wish us luck…since this window unit is working its poor lil azz off lol..Oh but I am thankful for that lil unit..anything helps…


  2. Yes what once was the style back then is back in style lol…hard to believe in some of those things lol..
    I love this song great choice again my dear : ) It reminds me of the Karate Kid movie the first one…lol…
    Still fucking hot here..I believe it was with heat index was hell I can’t remember all I know out and about yesterday in the truck with no ac it was fucking hot lol…

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  3. That’s so cool! My sister married a Puerto Rican. Other than that, I don’t know any others. I want to go there sometime. Well you now have a Mexican/Chicana blogging buddy here! 😃That’s great for your little brother, Miguel! My sister’s husband is Miguel too. Lol. Not a problem, feel free to comment away here!

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  4. LOL Thanks! Like I said before I have had a several girlfriends who were Latina. Most were Puerto Rican but I had one from Madrid and the other was Mexican. Most of them often referred to me as “Chica” but since it was spoken I didn’t have to worry about how it was spelled 🙂
    I miss them all because one after the other they moved away back to either New York, Florida or Texas or Spain.
    But I can tell you that we all had that sista thang going for real 🙂
    Currently, I have a ‘Little Brother’, Miguel, who is half Puerto Rican and half white. We are VERY tight. He lived in Argentina but now he is in Bolivia overseeing a orphanage! Isn’t that cool!
    Sorry this went on so long.

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  5. We LOVE hot sauce so this will be a hit. By the way, I just looked at it and realized that I totally botched up that spelling.

    BTW, my son who speaks a little Spanish laughed at me one of my previous responses to you because I spelled “Chica” as “Chicka.”
    I was like–I think she understood what I was saying. LOL!!!!!

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  6. I know right?
    Never heard much out of them past the ’80’s.
    By the way, I bought some Tijan. I hope I spelled it right. Remember, you told me that it was the seasoning that you had on your melon fruit salad mix.
    I think we’re gonna like it! LOL. Thanks for that tip!

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