I’ll Be Back!

Hi everyone! I hope your week was great and Happy FRIDAY! My week dragged…except for today and yesterday. It felt nice to finally get my nails done after about a year! Hey what can I say? Money was tight! Getting a pedicure is one of the best feelings in the world! My feet are super ticklish but besides that giggly awkwardness…the pedi. felt AMAZING!

By the time you read this, I’ll be asleep, packing and on my way to…San Francisco! I’m very excited to visit for the first time! I’ll be visiting so many new places! I’ll also have a nice break from the El Paso heat! I can’t believe it actually rained a few hours ago! It’s been weeks since we’ve had any rain! Oh yeah back to San Francisco…I’m super excited to meet fellow blogger and friend, Mr. Rob Goldstein. I’m not sure which day or what we have planned but…it’s going to happen one way or the other! You can check out his amazing blog here. His blog is one of my favorites! I was even lucky to interview him this month during my Saturday Evening Interview on June 4. In case you missed it, here it is. 

I feel some guilt because I’m going on this trip without my son. I plan on taking him somewhere next month and/or in October. It will most likely be somewhere in Texas, New Mexico or California. I’ll be back next week sometime. I’ll try blogging while I’m over there. If not, I’ll have something for you late next week. I’m behind on blog posts but I promise to catch up! I’ll try visiting and commenting on other blogs while I’m gone. Take care everyone! Have a great Friday and weekend! I’m leaving you with this song!      


  1. It’s beautiful! There’s a lot to see there. It rarely gets hot. They have such good food too! I like other cities in California like L.A. and San Diego but it’s just really crowded and expensive to live and sometimes visit!

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  2. Hi Suzette! I would LOVE to live in San Francisco…if only it wasn’t so expensive! Damn! The rent is three or four times what I pay in a month here! I’d probably need two or three jobs to make it there. I have a lot of family in L.A. I have some family in Downy! I love to visit L.A. but I wouldn’t like living there. Wow, you moved around a lot! Me, I’ve only lived in El Paso and two cities in New Mexico, Las Cruces and Albuquerque. I went to college in Las Cruces and my son’s dad/ex is from Albuquerque so we lived there for almost a year. I didn’t like living there so I came back to El Paso in 2008. We also broke up so I left. Lol. Thanks for doing the tag! 🙂 Hugs and I’m now back home! I’m working on a post about it. I have quite a bit to say! Lol. Take care!


  3. No I wish I always wanted to live in San Francisco just seemed so colorful and full of life to me even as a kid…I was born in California tho…..Downy California we moved a lot when I was young seemed like every 6 weeks or 6 months we moved due to dad job..usually the same states..california to Vermont back n forth Washington to California …Vermont to Missouri and Missouri to Texas twice lol..most back and forth 3 times each or more lol…
    Well I can’t wait to read all about it gurl I look forward to it : )
    Thank you again for that blog things that I liked it was short and fun..and thank you for the kinds words as well that ment the world to me 🙂
    Hugggggggs and have a great time

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  4. You need to go to San Luis Obisbo – coolest little college town, then Napa travelling further north to Calistoga. Finally Sacramento is lovely. San Jose in silicon valley is cute too but very modern.

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  5. You’re right on the SF weather. You always have to have a jacket at all times. I don’t think I’ve ever been to California’s countryside. I’ve been to LA which is way too crowded, San Diego and now San Francisco.

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  6. Hi Lisa, my parents moved to Europe when I was a child. Curiously, I am not keen on San Francisco. I don’t like the weird weather and really prefer the countryside of California. But glad you liked it!

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  7. No you haven’t missed a post. I haven’t written about the trip yet. I guess I gave you a tiny preview? Lol. I’m on my way back to Texas right now.

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  8. There’s SO much good food here, Eli! It’s hard to only pick one thing. I guess my favorite was the Italian food I ate last night. The Obamas ate there and even honored it.

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  9. I loved it Suzette! Were you born in San Francisco? It’s so pretty here! I wish I could stay but it’s too expensive 😑. I’ll be writing a post later today or this week.

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  10. It was a lot of fun, Kerry! Thanks! Wow you were born here and you left?? I was looking to stay but unfortunately it’s very expensive to live here. I’d probably need two or three jobs to pay rent and bills here. Texas is a lot less expensive.

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  11. Oh lucky you gurl!!!..So happy for you..I think that you will love it..I was born in California and you get to meet up with robert..how luck you..love how his mind works and all his post are so amazing…
    Please take pictures and pictures I love pictures lol…
    Just have a wonderful time and know that we all will be here when you get back..
    Hugggggggs to my dear gurl

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  12. Oh, I am so very happy for you, Lisa! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!! You even meet our Robert, that is too cool!!! I cannot wait to read your vacation report. Oh, this is so exciting! Hug you, Lisa 😃

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