Local Music & A Wedding!

Hi everyone! I hope your weekend is off to a great start! Mine’s been SO busy and hectic these past few days! I just want to slow down and chill but more stuff keeps coming up! Where does the time go? I’m currently working on a project for a marketing company in St. Louis. I have a couple of other freelance projects due within the next few weeks as well! I had every intention of blogging on Saturday but I got super busy! If you’ve been following me for a few weeks, you know I feature a local artist on Saturdays here. 

My childhood neighbors! My sister is standing next to Sergio Carrasco. I’m the third one! Congratulations to Sophia and her husband, Isaac. Photo by Victor Rodriguez.

For my local artist, I want to tell you about Sergio Carrasco. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have any videos on YouTube. I had the pleasure of listening to him jam at his sister, Sophia’s wedding on Saturday. Sergio played his guitar and sang “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys. He did a good job while adding his own touch to it. He played a show at downtown El Paso’s Bowie Feathers on June 15. Had I known about it before, I would’ve attended! Since Sergio was my neighbor growing up, I’ve seen him perform at various family parties throughout the years.

My parents and neighbors when I was growing up.
The bride and groom share some cake!


A toast for the bride by the maid of honor.

I’m not really a fan of attending weddings but…Sophia’s and a couple of others I’ve been to over the years have been fun! Here’s some photos I took of my family and neighbors growing up. The wedding after party will probably go on until 4 or 5 a.m. The neighbors cooked some pots of menudo, a Mexican soup that includes tripe and hominy. The sometimes spicy dish is usually eaten with a bread roll. Lime, diced onion and crushed red pepper can also be added for more flavor. Menudo is sometimes eaten to cure a hangover. Sophia and Isaac’s wedding included a Catholic church mass, dinner reception and dance. Have a great day, everyone! I’ll be back later on today or Monday. 


  1. Wow, looks like a really big fat Mexican wedding😉 Hope you can recover now! Here too…. busy, busy, busier!!!! Hope it gets better next week. Have a happy Sunday, Lisa!

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