Meet El Paso Artist Jesus “Cimi” Alvarado

Jesus “Cimi” Alvarado at Kalavera Studio in Central El Paso. Cimi’s paintings depict an accordion musician and Ruben Salazar. Salazar was a journalist who was killed in Los Angeles by an L.A. County Sheriffs deputy during a Chicano march against the Vietnam War. Salazar was killed on August 29, 1970. He was born in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Salazar was an El Paso High and UTEP graduate. 

Frida Kahlo and accordions are a couple of El Paso artist Jesus “Cimi” Alvarado’s favorite people and things in life. Both are continually seen in his artwork. Cimi’s artwork has become an integral part of El Paso’s art scene. Cimi’s art tells stories about everyday local people, along with well-known Mexican-American activists and celebrities. He’s been asked by several from all walks of life to create art locally and worldwide. Cimi is well-known for the murals he’s created in El Segundo Barrio (The Second Ward) in South El Paso throughout the years. Wikipedia describes El Segundo Barrio as one of the oldest neighborhoods in El Paso. Cimi’s murals depict life in the neighborhood and borderland. You can take a look at more of his artwork and murals here.

Cimi was kind enough to give me one of his prints. Can you believe I almost forgot to bring it home?? I’m still looking for the perfect frame!

As a child, Cimi grew up in El Segundo Barrio. He was inspired to create art by his high school teacher, mentor and fellow artist, Gaspar Enriquez. Recent Mexican immigrants and working class El Pasoans typically live in El Segundo Barrio. The neighborhood is well-known for its Catholic Church, Sacred Heart and Bowie Bakery. Bowie Bakery has some of the best tasting Mexican pastries and tamales in El Paso. Former U.S. President George W. Bush visited the establishment while in office. Throughout the years, Cimi has evolved from a teenage graffiti/street artist to a world-renowned artist/muralist. Life of an El Paso Woman had the opportunity to visit him at  Kalavera Studio in Central El Paso last month. 

Beautiful artwork by Cimi. Cimi is a huge Frida Kahlo fan. 

Cimi is currently working on several city and solo projects. Aside from his day job at a local non-profit, he’s currently in the process of completing research for a mural that involves the El Paso music scene. The mural will feature local bands from various eras and DJ Steve Crosno. Crosno was an El Paso icon until his death in 2006. According to the Steve Hoffman Music Forums, Crosno was the founder of the local radio program, “Cruising with Crosno” and the TV show, “The Crosno Hop.” Crosno was known for breaking the color barriers in El Paso radio. He was also one of the first DJs to help local bands record music and gain more airtime.

A self-portrait. Photo from

Aside from various locations in El Paso, Cimi’s work has been featured at various art shows in Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Little Rock, Arkansas and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. When I asked Cimi what’s been a highlight in his art career so far, he said participating in a Jose Cuervo Mural Tour in 2012 was a special moment for him.

“It was kind of fun. It was a cool project. There were two artists from Texas. It gave me a lot of exposure and I got to drink a lot of tequila.”

Aside from his murals and artwork in El Segundo Barrio, some of Cimi’s additional artwork can be seen at Lincoln Park and the Judge Edward S. Marquez Library. Cimi’s nickname derives from the Aztec and Mayan Indian languages. His nickname goes back to his high school days at Bowie High School in south El Paso. Cimi means continuous growth and movement. When asked if he would ever leave El Paso again he said “I feel attached to El Paso.” Cimi has lived in other U.S. cities like Dallas and Albuquerque. Although Cimi was sort of a man of few words, his vivid, detailed and colorful artwork spoke volumes to me. His art can be used to educate others about the Chicano movement and culture. His taste in music and record collection is also pretty good. We both grew up listening to Tupac, Nirvana, Biggie and Mexican music. Need I say more?    

Cimi’s Mural at El Paso’s Lincoln Park. Photo from
Photo from



  1. Hi Lisa
    My father’s name is also Jesus Alvarado but refer to my papa Nacho.
    He watched the news today and seen his story was very amazed of his art.
    My father’s BD is April4th here soon wants to get a hold of Cimi if it’s possible.
    Love your story!!!!!
    I myself was from segudo the Chihuahua st..
    Anyways, how can he get all of Cimi? Hope you can help my Papa out

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  2. Great post, Lisa! The art is amazing! So glad there are lots of pictures…it does the work you’ve done here justice. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Gwin! Thank you for checking it out! He’s really good friends with my parents so he said I could go and talk with him. My parents were there when I was talking to him. We’re an hour away from Juarez, Mexico. He’s a busy but cool guy. There will be more like this post here!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Lisa,
    Wow! How nice it was of him to chat with you and allow you to share this with us. Frankly, I did not realize that El Paso was right there at the Mexican border.

    Anyway, I’d love to see more from you like this. We MUST share our cultures with each other so that we can appreciate each other more.

    Very, very nice!

    PS: So cool of him to give you a print 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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