Happy Birthday Tracy!

Hi everyone! Today is one of my favorite blogger’s birthdays. Tracy Smith from A Joyful Process is celebrating his 50th birthday today. That’s quite a milestone birthday if you ask me! I’m hitting 35 in two months and I’m already freaking out. Not only is Tracy one of my favorite bloggers here but he’s also become a dear blogging friend and brother. He’s been kind enough to give me lots of great advice on life, read and edit posts before I publish them and make me laugh when I was down.

Who else would I be able to talk smack to during football season? Tracy is a huge Baltimore Ravens fan and I’m a die hard Cowboys fan. Can you believe the two teams are actually playing this season? Hopefully one or both of us can make it to the game. Here’s to many more years, blogging buddy and brother! I hope you’re having a wonderful birthday weekend with your loved ones!

LMAO this was cool so I had to throw it in there.


  1. Yes I’m so lucky! She takes care of him when I’m at work. They only live about 10 minutes away from me. I’m over there all the time. Lol. She doesn’t stop feeding us! She’s already 81! My mom works so she can’t always take care of my son.

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  2. Oh, that must have been fun for him and for sure for her too. Wonderful that your grandma still can do that. My youngest son enjoys staying with my mom. They are a fantastic team. They have a special bond! Have a lovely day and enjoy the movie, Lisa!

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  3. Just barely! Lol. I went to buy a Whataburger. I’m taking my son to the movies in a couple of hours. It has been nice staying in bed. He’s been staying at my Grandma’s house but not for much longer because school starts in a couple of weeks.

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  4. Thanks so much Lisa! I really appreciate all the kind words, and I thank you for your help when I needed it. You’ve been a great friend and advisor to me also!

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