#RomanticTuesday 7-12-16

Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday! Three more days until I go on vacation from work and I can’t wait! Today I’m introducing you to a couple of songs by Puerto Rican singer Farruko (Carlos Efrén Reyes Rosado). Even though Farruko is new to me, he’s been around in the music business for years. Lately, he’s beginning to cross over into the American music scene. Farruko is currently on tour with Pitbull and Prince Royce. The three are scheduled to perform in El Paso on July 20.

The first song, “Su Hija Me Gusta” (I like your daughter) features Puerto Rican superstar, José Feliciano. If you’ve heard the popular Christmas song “Feliz Navidiad”, you’ve heard of Feliciano. The song talks about a young man liking a girl. He eventually tells the girl’s father. Her father speaks beautifully about his daughter. He says he’ll always protect his blood and love her. The beautiful lyrics and violin are what stood out most for me in “Su Hija Me Gusta.” The song was released in 2010.

The second song “Va a Ser Abuela” translates to you’re going to be a grandmother. I enjoy watching the video and I especially love the ending. The girl’s mother doesn’t care for her lover. The boy tells her mother she’s going to be a grandmother and everything changes for them. This song was released in 2012. Have a great rest of the day, everyone and I’ll be back later!  


  1. I just finished them. I liked them. The first one reminded me a little bit of K-Ci & JoJo’s “All My Life.” The second one is a nice tune, and the video is fun to watch, like you said.

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