The Miranda Sings Award


Hi everyone! I want to thank my good blogging friend Sharon from Element Healing for nominating me for The Miranda Sings Award. Check out/follow her blog if you haven’t already. Sharon blogs about poetry, living life to the fullest and so much more! She also sells a lot of beautiful items like good luck charms, jewelry and so much more!

The rules are:

*Thank the blogger who nominated you.  

*List seven things you love about yourself.

*Nominate & notify seven bloggers about this award.

*You can’t nominate the person who nominated you.

*Don’t forget to display the award in your post.

*The seven things I love about myself:*

I get along with most people.

I’m pretty mellow most of the time.

I’m a good listener.

I collect shoes and purses.

I love to travel.

I’m a very open minded person.

I love to eat all kinds of food. I’m still kind of picky but I’m willing to try new foods.

I nominate the following seven bloggers for this award:



Mr. Ron

My WP son, Oy 30 Antonio

Roberta Pimentel


Spanglish Jill





  1. Thank you for including me, Sharon. I have sort of cut back on shoes and purses. Ohh wow, that’s a great question, Sharon! At this moment I think I’d go with Bali and Ibiza. In the U.S., I’ll say Chicago and Washington DC.


  2. You’re very welcome, Kara! I’m sure you have a lot of good qualities. You write and knit really well, you’re a nice person, etc. I hope you can participate sometime! No pressure though if you can’t 🙂

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  3. I love the premise of this, although it does seem kind of tricky. I don’t normally think about what I like about myself. It’s a good reminder to practice a little self-admiration every once in a while. Thanks for tagging me, Lisa 🙂

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