The Miranda Sings Award


Hi everyone! I want to thank my good blogging friend Sharon from Element Healing for nominating me for The Miranda Sings Award. Check out/follow her blog if you haven’t already. Sharon blogs about poetry, living life to the fullest and so much more! She also sells a lot of beautiful items like good luck charms, jewelry and so much more!

The rules are:

*Thank the blogger who nominated you.  

*List seven things you love about yourself.

*Nominate & notify seven bloggers about this award.

*You can’t nominate the person who nominated you.

*Don’t forget to display the award in your post.

*The seven things I love about myself:*

I get along with most people.

I’m pretty mellow most of the time.

I’m a good listener.

I collect shoes and purses.

I love to travel.

I’m a very open minded person.

I love to eat all kinds of food. I’m still kind of picky but I’m willing to try new foods.

I nominate the following seven bloggers for this award:



Mr. Ron

My WP son, Oy 30 Antonio

Roberta Pimentel


Spanglish Jill





  1. Thank you for including me, Sharon. I have sort of cut back on shoes and purses. Ohh wow, that’s a great question, Sharon! At this moment I think I’d go with Bali and Ibiza. In the U.S., I’ll say Chicago and Washington DC.


  2. Thank you for participating Lisa. I’m not much for handbags and shoes anymore, but I am also pretty laid back. If you could take a dream trip anywhere in the world where would you go?

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  3. You’re very welcome, Kara! I’m sure you have a lot of good qualities. You write and knit really well, you’re a nice person, etc. I hope you can participate sometime! No pressure though if you can’t 🙂

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  4. I love the premise of this, although it does seem kind of tricky. I don’t normally think about what I like about myself. It’s a good reminder to practice a little self-admiration every once in a while. Thanks for tagging me, Lisa 🙂

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