El Paso Rapper Reacts to DTTX’s Death

Enemy 1 (first person in the photo) poses next to Bobby Ramirez (Don’t Try to Xerox a.k.a. DTTX) and others. Photo courtesy of Enemy 1. 

Hip-hop artist Bobby Ramirez (a.k.a. DTTX ) from the 90’s duo Lighter Shade of Brown died Monday after lying in a coma for 11 days. According to TMZ, Ramirez was found unresponsive on July 7 in Las Vegas. His family told TMZ he had a body temperature of 107 and severe burns when he was found on a hot Las Vegas street. He was taken to a hospital and placed on life support. His family also told TMZ he suffered from alcoholism for years. However, they believe his death was due to cardiac arrest and heat stroke.

El Paso rapper Enemy 1 recalls having a local meet and greet and performing with Ramirez in April 2011. He described him as ‘a little timid and quiet at first but humble.’ He said “We kept in touch. We were supposed to do a song and more shows together but that never fell through for whatever reason. He even called me up out of the blue. I figured he got me on one of his shows or something…or a track. I rushed out of the movies with my kids. It (the phone call) had nothing to do with music. He wanted me to tatt him up. Lol.” He said he was aware of Ramirez’s alcoholism. 

Enemy 1 currently sees music as a hobby. As of right now, he works as a tattoo artist and author. He published his first book, “Theater 15” in 2014. He’s in the process of creating a YouTube channel and independent films.     

Lighter Shade of Brown was started by Riverside, Calif. natives Ramirez and Robert Gutierrez (One Dope Mexican a.k.a. ODM) in 1990. Their song, “On a Sunday Afternoon” and several others peaked on U.S. and various worldwide music charts. Their songs appeared in the movies, “Mi Vida Loca” and “I Like it Like That.” LSOB remained active in the hip-hop music scene between 1990 and 1999. After the duo’s 12-year hiatus, they released the album “It’s a Wrap” in 2011. LSOB has performed in and around El Paso throughout the years. The duo paved the way for several Chicano rappers. In case you missed it, you can check out a music post I did on LSOB this past Friday right here. 


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