915 Art-Juan Ornelas


Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a great week so far! Today is the first time the weekly 915 Art segment is being featured here on Life of an El Paso Woman. Going forward, a different local artist will be featured each Wednesday. El Paso has a  lot of artistic talent and I’m really eager to share it here! Today I’m including a few pieces by Juan Ornelas. Juan’s pop art resembles Andy Warhol’s with a touch of El Paso flavor. Juan’s been drawing most of his life. He began painting and showing his art around six years ago. It can be seen at various local art galleries and restaurants like Kultura El Paso, The Pizza Joint and other businesses. Juan hopes his art will be seen in various art galleries worldwide. He uses art as a stress reliever from his day job in marketing. Feel free to leave any comments in the comments section! You can check out more of Juan’s art right here. A huge thank you goes out to Juan for sharing his art here! I’ll be back with music and posts on Friday.






  1. True, a lot of Mexican or Hispanic art is bright. I didn’t used to like wearing red but I like wearing it now. There’s still colors I would never wear like orange or yellow. I don’t really like pink either, only once in awhile.

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  2. Mexican art is known for its bold, vibrant colors — not only in paintings and murals, but also in clothing and decoration. If I remember correctly, amiga, you were wearing red when we met at The Cheeasecake Factory. While I hardly ever wear red, because I’m white and wimpy. 🙂

    Love the bee. 🙂

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  3. It actually rained today so that was kind of nice! It’s been over 100 for weeks now! I hope you aren’t TOO too busy! Staying busy is always good but we sometimes need a break.

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