El Paso Music-Frythm

Hi everyone and happy Saturday! Today is local music day here! I’m including this smooth one by Frythm (Matthew Pena). Frythm is on his way to blowing up in the local and worldwide music scene. He’s performed at several local venues and festivals. He performed at the Neon Desert Music Festival back in May. If you’ve been following me for a couple of months, you might recall my NDMF reviews. In case you missed them, you can check them out here. 

Pena categorizes his music in the new beats genre on his Facebook fan page. He calls himself a Beat Geek on Twitter. It looks like he has a busy August ahead of him! He has shows booked at different venues around town.  If you dig his sound, you can check out/like his Facebook page here. You can follow him on Twitter here. His music is also available on YouTube and SoundCloud. Feel free to leave comments in the comments section. Have a great Saturday, everyone! I’ll be back Sunday with more music!    


  1. Wow that’s amazing, Gwin! She’s a miracle baby. I have cysts and one of my ovaries was removed a few years after my son was born. I also have endometriosis. I’m really inspired by you and your daughter! Wow! I hope you decide to blog about it.

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  2. Actually she was a surprise but they didn’t think that I could carry her to term because I had a ton of fibroid tumors of various sizes. They were so big that they couldn’t even see the baby for the longest time. Long story go away, after changing doctors and praying a lot, my baby girl was able to thrive, so much so that she pushed them damn thangs out of her way! It was pretty amazing 🙂
    You can see her in the slide show on my blog. Ol’ girl been kicking ass and taking names ever since she stepped foot on this earth!

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  3. Oh wow! The things we go through as women and mothers! Did you have to go to a specialist to get pregnant? I had my son at 24. He was a surprise. I hope you write about it…if you feel up to it.

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  4. I did too; they didn’t think I would carry to term. Had to be hospitalized at 16 weeks and ended up on bedrest in the end but I did it!
    It liked to killed me though
    One day I might write about it. It was a huge trial.

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