#RomanticTuesday 8-9-16

Hi everyone and happy Tuesday! I had a hard time deciding which song to pick for Romantic Tuesday so I picked two (Two for Tuesday?). The first song, “Can I have this Kiss Forever” is a duet with Whitney Houston and Enrique Iglesias. The song was released in 2000. More than 3 million copies in the U.S. were sold. The song also topped the charts in Switzerland and the Netherlands.

The second song, “Nunca te Olvidaré” (Never forget you) was the theme song for the Mexican telenovela (soap opera) “Nunca te Olvidaré” in 1999. Enrique Iglesias only sang in Spanish when he was starting his music career. I became familiar with his music in the early 90’s. Telenovelas are a huge deal for many Hispanic and Mexican households. My grandmother continues to watch them on a daily basis. Unlike American soap operas, Mexican novelas only last for a few months. Several American soap operas last for decades. There was a couple of telenovelas I enjoyed as a child. They’re no longer on my to-watch list. The second video includes the song in Spanish with lyrics in English. Have a great Tuesday, everyone! I might be back on Wednesday with 915 Art. If not, I’ll be back on Friday.


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