The Olympic Games: Good Times Are Ahead Of Us (My Guest Post)


Hi everyone! A huge thank you goes out to fellow blogger Roberta Pimentel for allowing me to guest post in her blog today. I participated in her Be My Guest project. It’s been a few months since I’ve guest posted anywhere! Roberta’s blog is growing at a massive rate! I encourage you to read/follow her wonderful blog if you aren’t already. You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. Roberta blogs about her life in Norway, staying positive in life and so much more! She’s a 35-year-old mom who’s originally from Brazil. Please stay tuned for an upcoming interview with Roberta this month on my Saturday Evening Interview segment.

By Lisa Amaya

Despite all of the world’s turmoil, I’ve always felt that The Olympic Games are a sign of peace, unity and hope within humankind. The Olympics give me lots of hope to accomplish my future dreams. Since childhood, I always get excited to watch the games alone or with loved ones. The Olympics have helped me bond with my parents, boyfriend and son throughout the years. It’s always exciting when my son asks me about some of the sports like swimming or gymnastics. “Mom, how did he do that?” “Will he make it to next level?” The Olympics even inspired me to run cross country and track when I was a teenager.

The games have always given me hope to daydream about a new and exciting life ahead. It’s comforting to see some of these wonderful athletes accomplish world records. It’s also comforting to see the athletes participate in sports with great sportsmanship skills. It gives me hope that there’s still kindness and respect in the world these days. The Olympics continue to teach us about life, ourselves and accomplishing our goals in many ways. Yes, there’s been some hardships when it comes to the Olympics. However for the most part, a lot of the experiences are positive.

If you want to get excited about life and/or bond with loved ones, I recommend watching the Olympics. If you aren’t even a sports fan, you might still learn a thing or two about yourself and/or a loved one. Please remember this: Don’t try a somersault or complicated dive in your living room or local swimming pool! And remember…we are all one no matter who we are or where we came from! For more of Lisa’s blog posts, please feel free to read/follow her blog at:


  1. They are SO exciting to watch, Erika! I really got into the swimming and gymnastics events last night. I’m really excited for track and field to start.


  2. Loving watching the Olympic games. I watch sports that I would never normally watch like fencing, boxing and rowing and get really into it, screaming at the TV! Its great to see young ( and old) athletes achieve their dreams. I went onto do gymnastics after watching it at Olympics when I was younger.

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