56 Years!

An ad I placed in the El Paso Times for their 50th anniversary back in 2010. 

Hi everyone! I hope your Saturday is going well! Believe it or not it’s been raining like crazy in El Paso. OK OK, I’m exaggerating but it rained for almost two hours! That’s somewhat miraculous for a desert rat like myself. My hair is frizzy and out of control so I know it’s pretty humid out there. Sigh! I love the sight and smell of rain for a few hours or a couple of days. I can’t take it anymore after that! I get moody and depressed after three or more days of the wet stuff! They don’t call El Paso The Sun City for no reason 😉

Today is a special day for my grandparents and family. They are celebrating their 56th wedding anniversary. That’s a LONG time! My longest relationship lasted seven years so I can’t even imagine it. They went to their usual spot…the casino! I brought them some food from Rudy’s. Their smoked turkey and peach cobbler are my favorite food/dessert on the menu there. I asked my grandma, how do you stay married for 56 years? She said something like “I don’t know, we just tolerate each other, nos aguantamos (we stuck around for each other).” They both laughed when she said that. I think it’s a huge accomplishment, especially in this day and age! To be honest, I don’t think anyone really wants to end up alone no matter how much they’ve been hurt in the love department. It’s nice to grow old with someone. I get a warm and fuzzy feeling whenever I see an older couple walking down the street or traveling together. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to my awesome grandparents! I know I didn’t have El Paso Music today, my bad! I was stuck on who I should pick for today. I was also working on an interview this afternoon. I’m really impressed with how this one’s coming along! I can’t wait to share it with you here. Please stay tuned for this local hip-hop artist in the next couple of weeks. I think you’ll like his deep words with a tragic and hopeful twist. His story is really interesting! I’ll be back Sunday with music. Have a great Saturday and Sunday everyone!



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