Madonna Bed Tape, Letters to Ex will be made into Documentary


According to the Page Six web site, a documentary titled “Emmy and the Breakfast Club” is currently in the works. It includes personal letters written by Madonna, interviews, re-enactments and a 20-minute recording of Madonna in bed with ex-boyfriend, Dan Gilroy. The documentary is scheduled for release in January 2017. 

Gilroy was in the pop band, The Breakfast Club. Page Six said Gilroy turned over the recording, letters and photos to director Guy Guido. Gilroy dated Madonna for about 18 months before she became famous. The relationship started in 1979. Guido told Page Six the documentary also includes the struggles of their relationship and Madonna’s drive to succeed in the music industry. The news was revealed one day before Madonna’s 57th birthday. You can check out the full story on Page Six here.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you be willing to watch this documentary? Why or why not? Feel free to leave comments in the comments section. To be honest, I’m curious about it however…I don’t think it’s OK to create the documentary, especially after so many years later! Anything for a quick buck I guess :/ I probably won’t watch it.

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  1. Yes! He probably has nothing while she’s a billionaire. It’s pretty vengeful. Good thing the Internet didn’t exist back then! Who knows what would’ve happened.

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  2. Very true, Ritu! He just sounds like he’s money hungry! Ha ha ‘her bedroom antics are so last century.’ I agree with you there!


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