Monday Song 8-15-16

Hi everyone! Oh how I absolutely loathe Mondays but what can I really do about them? Today I’m taking you back to 1998 with the British alternative rock band, Garbage. Garbage’s “Version 2.0” album was one of my favorite albums as a teenager. I had the pleasure of seeing them in concert in Las Cruces, New Mexico with No Doubt in 2002 or ’03. I was attending New Mexico State University at the time. Their song, “Push It” motivates me to get out of bed and make the best out of life. I’m thinking of dragging myself to Starbucks before I go to work. I could really use a trenta-sized black iced tea with extra ice. I usually don’t get sweet iced black tea but I’m strongly considering it this morning. I only treat myself to Starbucks once a month and I think today is the day! How about you? How do you deal with Mondays? Do you like them or loathe them like me? Have a great day, everyone or at least try to! I’ll be back Tuesday with a Romantic Tuesday post.  




  1. Maybe a little. By the way, I have heard of Garbage, though I’m not all that familiar with the music. I’ll listen to your song at lunch time to see if I remember it.

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  2. Loathe Mondays. But this week, Monday is Friday!

    I find it is difficult to get up most mornings anyway – I am more of a night person.

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  3. I know I know! Lol. You’re right, Erika! I feel sick to my stomach going to work most of the time. I’m working on doing something about it though. I hope you have a great day too! 🙂

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  4. Hi, Lisa! Monday needs to come in order to get closer to the weekend again… I know, not really comforting… but you found a great song to get into gear! Have a great day, no matter what!!!

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