Wednesday Song 8-17-16

Hi everyone! I usually don’t include music on Wednesdays but for some reason this song (and other Sting songs) were stuck in my head today! This has always been a relaxing song for me. Today was a pretty long day. Work wasn’t fun at all (is it ever? I’m sure at some places it is.). On the plus side, I got a really nice massage on my neck at therapy this afternoon. Today I’m taking you back to 1993 with Sting’s “If I Ever Lose My Faith in You.” I’ve always enjoyed Sting’s soothing voice. I also included Lady Gaga’s live cover of the song. Warning: She kind of screams a lot in this song but it’s still pretty good. I also threw in a “Stand By Me” cover by Sting and Lady Gaga from the 2011 iHeart Music Festival. I enjoyed it so I want to share it with you here. I’ll be back on Friday with more music!  


  1. She is absolutely amazing. Wasn’t it you who posted the anthem she sang? I heard her singing life at the Super Bowl and I was flabbergasted to hear her that way!


  2. Oh my, is that lovely! I love the song and Lady Gaga performed it wonderfully. The Stand by me-duet was just so lovely! Thank you for putting these songs and versions together!

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