Sunday Song 8-21-16

Hi everyone and Happy Sunday! I hope your weekend is going well! Today I’m taking you back to 1991 with one of my all-time favorite songs, “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica. “Nothing Else Matters” is on their self-titled album (the black album). To this day, the black album is still one of my favorite rock/heavy metal albums. The album turned 25 on Aug. 12. According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), 16 million copies of the album have been sold in the U.S. alone. It ranks number 21 on the list of best selling albums. I was 10 when the album was released. “Nothing Else Matters” has been covered by at least 40 different artists worldwide. Wikipedia says Metallica’s lead singer and guitarist James Hetfield wrote the song while he was on the phone with his then girlfriend. He held the phone with one hand and played the guitar with the other. If that’s not true talent then I don’t know what is!

I had the opportunity to see Metallica live with Godsmack back in 2004 at the America West Arena in Phoenix (the name of the place recently changed to Talking Stick Resort Arena) The seven-hour drive there was worth every minute! This was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to in my life so far. My ears wouldn’t stop ringing and buzzing three days after the show 🙂 Metallica has toured through El Paso and Las Cruces, New Mexico in the early 90’s. I found this pretty cool piano and cello cover on YouTube. I didn’t really like any of the other covers I came across. None of them came close to the original. I also included the original. What do you think of the instrumental cover and the original song? Do you have any favorite Metallica songs and/or albums? Do you think anyone else has covered Metallica’s songs pretty well? Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section. Have a great Sunday, everyone and I’ll be back later.   


  1. Sure thanks! And of course, do share if there are any photographs of the concerts as well. Never ever been to a Metallica concert. There was one scheduled at New Delhi here, but got cancelled for some reasons. I don’t see em coming to India anytime soon, unless they wind up and retire from making new songs (like the other bands do.. Retire & tour the world)… For all reasons, Metallica has never aged as a band… ❤

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  2. Was looking for Metallica fans & stumbled across this blog.. For the music part I’d go for ‘The Four Horsemen’ & ‘My Apocalypse’.. I think that’s the kind of music which give a shiver to all the coffins down there. And for the lyrics part, I simply cannot let go ‘Of Wolf and Man’! 🙂 Keep blogging more on Metallica plz.. And yeah its sheer luck to have seen Hetfield and Sully Erna together! 😀 :-O

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  3. Yes, it’s a great song! I haven’t heard that cover, thanks for mentioning it! I’m going to look for it on YouTube. Thanks for checking it out, Josh!


  4. One of my favorite songs of all time. Very meaningful to me. Have you heard the Aplocalyptica cover? It is more strings than even the two. Really great also. But love the piano in this one you posted.

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