Yup, The Grays Are Coming In!


Hi everyone! I hope your Sunday is going well! In less than a month, I’ll be 35! Guess what? I’m kind of freaked out by it! I don’t think I’ve accomplished everything I’ve wanted to in life yet. :/ I have a list of goals I hope to accomplish by the time I’m 40. I still want to write a book, get married, travel a lot more, keep writing, take my son to more places, etc.   

In recent months, I’ve noticed more gray hair mixed in with my dark brown almost black hair! Yikes! I’m thinking of dyeing my hair my natural color. A good friend tells you the truth, even if you don’t want to hear it. I didn’t want to hear that I have gray hair at work the other day but I did! My friend said something like “Oh look you have more gray hair on the back and side of your head.” I couldn’t believe it so I just said yea I know, this job does it to me…and you’re adding to it (just kidding I didn’t say you’re adding to it but I was kind of thinking it). My hair stylist even told me you’re getting more gray hairs, you should add color to it. Ugh, I never thought these days would ever come! 

Even though I’ve dyed my hair before, I don’t want to dye it another color like light brown or red. It’s such a pain dyeing hair a different color, especially when the roots start growing back. I know they sell all kinds of junk to touch up your roots but it just seems like such a burden! My hair grows really fast! I usually get a haircut once a month because I have bangs. My hair starts coming back wavy. I’ve heard the old wives tale… the one that says you shouldn’t pluck them out because three more gray hairs will grow in its place. It’s not true! Guess what I spent my Saturday night doing? Hey, that’s actually another sign of getting older…when you don’t go out or do anything on a Saturday night! Who knows? I might just dye my hair gray but then there’s my damn dark brown roots! Decisions, decisions!   

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  1. I have a lot of gray hair and I’m only 33. I got my first couple of gray hairs when I was 23. I’ve never really worried about it. I’ve learned to embrace getting older. I’ve also noticed that the older I get the more personal insights I stumble onto about the world.

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  2. Thanks Keith! I’ll most likely dye it my natural color, which is dark brown, almost black. I don’t think I can pull off the crazy colors anymore. Congratulations to your middle child starting college. It will be a new beginning for him or her.


  3. Uh oh! Yea, I have some parts that are gray and some dark brown parts. I only have gray hair on certain parts of my head. Lol. It’s pretty annoying! I guess this is why I keep plucking them out with the eye brow plucker. I hate plucking my eye brows too! Lol. That’s another dilemma right there. I sometimes just get them waxed.

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  4. Thirty five years. Pending congratulations for later in the month. Don’t sweat the gray hair. I just want more hair, the color is less important. I used to describe myself when meeting someone at coffee shop for the first time as I will be the tall guy with salt and pepper hair. But, looking in the mirror, I need to go find that pepper mill. And, I need to find more hair.

    Color your hair the way that suits you. I was dropping my middle child off at an eclectic college yesterday and I saw all colors of hair and highlights. Greens, purples, oranges, etc. We are as young as we feel. All the best, Keith

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  5. I hear you, Lisa! I only have single parts where my hair turns grey, so dying grey would make it more complicated. I might not even ever be fully grey… so what? I would never dye my hair anyway but rather try to keep up my natural color (colored of course.. lol) until it might make sense to switch to a nice artificial grey. Because my hair might be kind of a yellowish grey… urgh…! So it is a little dilemma indeed!

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  6. I have a couple of gray hairs (that I can see, I’m sure there are more) that I named after my husband. Haha! As for coloring, you can do a semi-permanent at home. Box colors are actually pretty good. They begin to fade as the time comes for a touch up, so you don’t get that same drastic growth line at the roots. Plus, it’s a whole lot cheaper. Something to think about!

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  7. I remember having to dye my hair the first time, I was mortified, so I know what you’re going through. It was after I had my son (who I had when I was almost 38). I’ve kept it as close to my natural color as I possibly can, and I have no intention of showing my gray, like ever. 😀

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  8. You are not alone if that can comfort you haha.. I start to get gray hair when I was just 27 years old. I think when I’m 55 I will let my gray hair grow, for now I think i’m to young for that haha..

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  9. I’ve seen some grey/silver haired women who are just beautiful. My hair has been naturally blonde all my life and when it turned, it turned white, which blended in with the blonde. I have had people ask me what color I use. I was with a friend once and when a women asked that, my friend said “the good Lord colors her hair.” LOL

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