Goodbye Rio Olympics

Rio Closing Ceremony

Hi everyone. I was sad to see the summer Olympics end on Sunday night. Despite several challenges in Rio, this was probably one of my favorite Olympiads to watch. I enjoyed watching the games with my loved ones for the past 17 days. My favorite sports are gymnastics, swimming and track. The U.S. dominated in these and several other sports. I enjoyed watching the U.S. women’s gymnastics team compete. It was exciting to see them win gold! Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky were my favorite swimmers to watch!  Jamaica’s Usain Bolt was also great in the 100 and 200-meter sprints. It was also nice to see the U.S. men and women win gold in basketball. Although I didn’t catch any of the football (soccer) matches, Brazil won gold. Soccer is a huge part of life there so I’m happy they won. 

The U.S. took home 121 medals. China had 70 medals and Great Britain 67. I’m not happy about waiting another four years for the games to start again in Tokyo. In eight years (2024) they will be held in either Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Washington. I hope I can attend in eight years. How about you, did you catch any part of the Olympics? What were your favorite sports to watch? What did you like and/or dislike about the Rio Games?

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  1. Thank you for your comment, Richard! Yes, I knew about the independent athletes. I didn’t know they won though…thanks for sharing that 🙂 Thank you for coming by! Feel free to do so anytime!


  2. I watched the Opening Ceremonies – the best part was the flight of Alberto Santos-Dumont over Rio at night. Simply beautiful….

    I loved that during the actual Games, they relocated the Olympic Cauldron to a square in Rio so that everyone could see it and feel a part of the Games.

    Did you know that ten (well, nine plus Kuwait, which had to march under the Independent Olympic Athlete banner, since that nation’s Olympic Committee had been suspended) nations won their first ever gold medals?

    Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as Super Mario in the Closing Ceremonies.

    And finally, Mariene de Castro singing “Pelo Tempo Que Durar” (“As Long as it Goes”) for the extinguishing of the Flame. After that, I turned off the TV and went to bed. Nothing more needed to be said.

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  3. Perhaps not many can understand but I did not watch the Olympic games. My sons did. I just passed the TV and looked right at that moment when Austria sailed for their bronze medal…. the only one they made!

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  4. I hate that I couldn’t watch it because we don’t have cable! I saw some of the Olympic Trials and I have seen most of the highlights and even that was extremely exciting!! I am sure the replays will now be available all over so I’ll be checking those out!

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  5. Yes I agree with you, Van! I’m sick of politics too. I’m glad the election is already happening in less than three months. I love the track and field events too. It brought back some memories for me.

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  6. I always watch quite a bit of it. Swimming, gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, and for sure, I’m drawn to those track and field events. So much training for a very few minutes of achievement !
    The best part of it all for me this year….for 17 days, politics took a back seat. ☺

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  7. Well I would still see who won on social media before it was on. Rio is three hours ahead from here. I guess it will be even more ahead in Tokyo.


  8. Enjoyed the Olympics! I almost wish they could go on, but making them every four years is part of what makes them special. Like you, I enjoyed the gymnastics, track and field and swimming. It just so happens that NBC knows those are the glamour events and made sure they got plenty of primetime coverage. I wonder what the ratings were for these Games, especially since a lot of the events were able to be shown live this time. Four years from now, we’ll get a lot more tape delayed coverage; which means if you don’t want to know who won an event, you have to impose a news and social media blackout.

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