Superpower Challenge


A thank you goes out to fellow blogger and friend, Rob Goldstein for nominating me to participate in this challenge. I had the opportunity to meet Rob when I went to San Francisco in June. We had a nice breakfast and conversation there. Although he’s already been to El Paso, I hope he’s able to visit again in the near future. Here are the rules for this challenge below:

  • Name the creator of this tag . FarahEdz @ The Girl With Coffe
  • Use the Tag image above.
  • Thank your superhero  Nominator – Rob Goldstein, thanks again 🙂
  •  Which or what super power would  you would want and why?
  • Please note that you are not under any obligation to participate.

If I was able to pick any superpower, I’d pick becoming invisible whenever I want. Why? I would use it to help me, my family and the less fortunate. The first thing I would do is rob a bank so that I could get me and my family out of debt. I would give the homeless food, shelter and money. I would help veterans with healthcare and homeless issues. I would get rid of bad people by building some kind of trap to kidnap them. I would drop them off in some deserted desert or island. Hint hint: Trump, Putin, work and school bullies from my past?? 😛 I would still leave food and water for them there. I would also do silly pranks on people I don’t like. They would think they were losing their mind.

I’m challenging the following bloggers below to participate:



My WP son

Spanglish Jill




  1. Lol… that can really be helpful at times. (When robbing a bank just make sure you don’t touch the savings of any grannies or other people who try heading for a better life 😉)

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  2. Wow, yeah, you rob a bank for kindness. Hahaha, if I have the invisible power, I definitely will prank my friend or even my mom.

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