Burning of Old Man Gloom

Hi everyone! I am Wizzle Oates. I am a guest writer on this blog (and hopefully a future permanent travel/tech writer).  I was asked to share some of my recent adventures with you. I will do my best as I am new to blogging. Well, actually I tried WordPress many moons ago but that’s a story for another time. Last weekend I was lucky enough to visit Santa Fe, NM. Where I witnessed the original, “Burning Man”, Zozobra!oldmangloom

I seriously can’t remember how I learned of this festival. I am not exactly sure when I decided I was going to go see it burn either. I used to see pictures and clay trinkets of it at gas station/tourist traps all around New Mexico. People from all around the world write on a small piece of paper their ails and ill wills. Then the little pieces of paper get stuffed into the giant paper mache and wooden marionette called, “Zozobra”! After a little bit of festival, which includes dancing and some Cumbia music, they set the thing ablaze. I really just wanted to see the thing burn!


Burn Baby Burn!

I did have a strange almost paranormal sense of relief when they finally set it on fire! As if all my anxiety and ails of the past year went up in smoke!


#ZozoBra, #Southwest, #Burning, #Santa Fe, #OriginalBurningMan



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