Happy Birthday Johnna!


Hi everyone! I hope your week is going well! I want to wish fellow blogger, friend and Virgo, Johnna from All Things Chronic a happy birthday today! Johnna blogs about lots of interesting topics. She also includes a lot of great photos she takes around Albuquerque. Please check out/follow her blog if you aren’t already. I’m late sending you a little something! I’m almost always late! 


I had the pleasure of meeting Johnna when I took a mini vacation with my son and grandma to Albuquerque in July. We had fun eating and talking at Cheesecake Factory. It felt as if I had known her for ages when we talked. Whenever you meet people like this in life, you should always value their time and presence. Thank you for being a friend in my year and half of blogging, Johnna! Thank you for all of the advice you’ve given me. I wish you many more years of blogging and birthdays! I know how much you like Pink so I’m throwing in this video too.



  1. What a great birthday present! Gracias, amiga. I also value your friendship and hope we will always be friends. Meeting you and your grandmother was great, and I hope to one day meet your son.

    It seems like you were one of the first bloggers that I clicked with, way back when. It’s been an interesting journey so far, but I know that great things await you in the future.

    Estás prescious para mí, abeja. 🙂

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