El Paso Music-Fixed Idea

Hi everyone! I hope your Saturday is going well! I’ve been spending quality time with my son and relaxing. For today’s El Paso Music segment, I’m including local ska/rock band Fixed Idea. Their song, “Lucky Charm” took awhile to grow on me but eventually it did. Fixed Idea describes “Lucky Charm” as an ‘El Paso style oldies song’ on their Facebook page. “Lucky Charm” has a pretty unique sound to it and it’s sang in Spanglish. In case you want to check out other Fixed Idea songs, they have several on YouTube.

“Lucky Charm” was filmed at El Paso’s Lincoln Park. You might recall some of the artwork in the beginning of the video. Back in July, I featured an interview with El Paso artist Jesus ‘Cimi’ Alvarado here. He created one of the murals shown in this music video. In case you missed ‘Cimi’s’ interview, you can check it out right here. So what do you think of this song? I’ll be back Sunday with more music and posts. Have a great rest of the day, everyone!


  1. It’s fun but I have to say that it kinda reminds me of Ritchie Valens (Valenzuela-much respect). If I keep thinking about it him I will cry! That story still messes me up! Same with Otis Redding and The Original BarKays

    It’s nice though.

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