A vision of the future?

Hi all,

         This is Wizzle Oates and today I had a vision of the future! I was sitting there in everyone’s favorite place, Traffic Court, when all of sudden I had a strange overwhelming sense of Deja Vu. I was sitting there in court when the thought occurred to me I should take a picture because this will soon be in a history book. I had a vision of me cruising with my grandchildren in a self-driving car, telling how I misspent a large portion of my youth sitting in traffic court trying to explain away why I was speeding, admitting guilt and paying some erroneous fine of $130.00. How many more years will we have to live with this parasitic, belittling, institution that suckers you out of money for petty shit like speeding 5 miles over the limit? I was doing research on the internet and self-driving cars will be here in 4-5 years. Then what, what are you in your fancy ass suit going to do as a means of income? “Your fucking days are numbered asshole!”, I thought to myself as I stared at the pool of fancy dressed lawyers sitting in front of the court! “You fucking traffic cops; You better start burning off those doughnuts because pretty soon your kushy little job sitting on the freeway, hiding around corners and drooling over jelly filled doughnuts will be non-existent! Time to earn that money chasing down real criminals. The future will soon be here and your lame ass way of life will be extinct! Good fucking riddance! Get in the unemployment line with all the other people who have lost their jobs to technology!” I thought to myself as I handed my money over to the clerk. 😉



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